Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap (Episode Five)

Frankie sparks up a cigarette just like she would at school and girl-scout Catherine asks to have a puff. Frankie is bemused but Cat seems to want to properly immerse herself in the way things were.

Cat: C’mon, it’s not like I’m taking up dick again.

Frankie picks up her camera and they run through corridors larking about. Sorry CopyCat Shippers, this scene has definitely been a point for Team Frat.

Just as they head out of the school grounds, Frankie spots smoke billowing from one of the windows and questions whether Cat fully put out her cigarette – which is a stupid question because as we mentioned, there is black smoke wafting from one of the windows.

Once the firemen have gone, Cat feels overwrought with concern that sly-Alley-cat will use this misdemeanour as further means against her. Frankie tries to dilute the seriousness of the situation by offering her a cigarette.
Cat brings up Hayley-the-fit-intern again and Frankie finally explains that the whole episode was down to the Jaygermeister and she’s sorry for not telling her before. Cat is only angered at Jay for his blatant betrayal, not at her.

At Rubies, Ed tells Tess he has heard from one of the literary agents that he sent his book off to and has a meeting with them tomorrow.
Finding it hard to be fully delighted for him, she pinpoints what she sees as one of the failings in his work.

Tess: Why doesn’t the main guy just go for it with her?

Ed: Well that’s kind of the point, he can’t. His species forbids it.

Tess: Well he should, it’s better than just floating around space wondering what might have been?

Ed: Would she reciprocate?

Tess: Well you’re the writer – make it happen.

Ed may well take this as a double entendre. Tess demands they have “shots o’clock,” which is their Wednesday ritual, but Ed wants to keep focused for his meeting tomorrow. As a reaction to feeling entirely second-rate by Ed’s possible emerging success, she lies and tells him that things went well with her agent and that now she does wants some sort of happenings for her 30th Birthday.

Lee: It’s hard to stop just constantly writing about what a great actress Fiona Button is.

Sarah: Tess’ face seems to have a never-ending array of expressions. She can just churn them out in faultless harmony to the dialogue – brilliant.

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