Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap (Episode Five)

The rest of the gang have congregated at the Transeurope café to discuss Tess’ birthday because obviously they can just dip in and out of work whenever they like. Ed suggests that they all go to “The Dykes of Hazard,” some sort of Country & Western-themed gay night, which also features the talents of Kenny Rogered.

Lee: I would go to that club.

Sarah: The brilliance of the name demands it.

Lee: I would also hope to see Dolly Hard-on.

Sarah: Maybe Johnny Gash.

But, no one else seems enamoured by the idea of the country-gay discotheque, so Frankie suggests having a party at her flat instead. Ed comments on the disorder of last night’s party and Cat, feeling somewhat on the periphery of the group, asks what made the night so messy. After some awkward shuffles, they talk fainting and puking. No one mentions the hetero f–king.

They agree to have the party at Frankie’s and it’s decided that they will all pretend to Tess that they are busy on her birthday. And Ed will take her out and bring her back to the flat for a SURPRISE party. Ed’s little face looks so excited about being chief party organiser.

Cat and Frankie are in transit to their old school. Cat chews over the Hayley-the-fit-intern episode and wonders whether she could have done more for her. Frankie tells her she couldn’t and asks if Hayley told her where she got the horse tranquiliser from.

Cat: She wouldn’t tell me, she thinks I’m like a teacher or something.

Frankie: You always were a bit of a girl scout.

Frankie tells her this is no bad thing and she wishes that she had some of Cat’s traits, instead of just flying gung-ho into situations all silly-willy-nilly. Their eyes meet and there’s a moment of tenderness between them. Sadie phones and Frankie rejects her call.

At their old school, Frankie and Cat slowly let the memories creep over them. Frankie sits at the top of a stairwell banister and Cat remembers that this was where Frankie always sat writing lyrics at break times. Frankie tells her this was just to get a daily peep down Cat’s shirt as she passed.

Cat: We used to wear skirts too, remember – it works both ways.

During one detention, Cat scratched their initials onto a bit of wooden panelling at the side of the blackboard. They find the carved initials still intact. Cat admits that she only did this to try and impress young tearaway Frankie.

Being on old ground has allowed them to disregard any modern-day complexities of their relationship and just amusingly reminisce about how much they fancied and tried to impress one another.

Lee: I’ve never, ever felt the Cat and Frankie chemistry properly until now.

Sarah: I feel like we may be betraying the hot cop but this scene has done something to me.

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