Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap (Episode Five)


Sly-ally-cat Alistair comes over to show them plans for a new project he wants Cat to prepare a pitch for: turning a school into flats. She’s a little taken aback when she realises the school is the one that she and Frankie went to. Alistair’s loins seem to stir at the thought of them uniform, while Frankie wants to take this opportunity for a trip down memory lane. She offers to take some pictures to help with Cat’s pitch and although Cat is resistant, the alley-cat accepts her offer – once again passive-aggressively making it clear that Cat has no choice.

Lee: Alistair is pretty much at the very top of my not-real-people sh-tlist.

Sarah: Just below Jim Fenner for me.

Outside work, Jay is making excuses to Becky for last night’s elusive behaviour.
She tells him she understands he may be feeling bogged down with thoughts of mortgages and the like, and that she just wants him, regardless of these ties. His relief at her patience drives him to tell her how much he loves her. The shame returns to his face when she heads off.

Frankie is just round the corner having her 43rd cigarette of the day and Jay is not best pleased to see her. He tries to walks away from her. She’s become the scapegoat for all his wrong-doings, it seems.

Frankie: Jay, it was only a f–k.

Jay: It was a f–king mistake.

Frankie: Yeah, well, it was both of us. I didn’t have to twist your dick.

Jay: I just want to forget about this, OK?

Frankie: I already have.

Just then, Ed arrives outside the office because he’s looking for Cat to help him arrange Tess’ birthday. It’s all a bit weird and if he didn’t already know what had happened between them, then his suspicions would probably have been aroused by this little trip to awkward town.
Tess is talking to her agent Saphia and it is not going well.

Agent Saphia: You’ve seen most of the casting directors in Scotland.

Tess: And…

Agent Saphia: And the feedback I get is that you have a tendency to be…

Tess: What? Be too physical? I don’t project enough?

Agent Saphia: …be a little negative.

Saphia’s professional advice is to turn that frown upside down, which we’re sure is the same thing that Judi Dench’s agent told her all those years ago. Tess leaves the office with a grin superimposed on her face.

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