Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap (Episode Five)

Jay’s smirk is wiped off his face and Becky quickly pieces together his cheating ways.
Ed tries to go into Tess’ room but she doesn’t want him near her. She sees his declaration as a betrayal of what she believed to be a purely platonic relationship. Frankie is asked to leave, too. Tess falls into a miserable heap.

As Frankie re-enters the now deflated party, she realises that her bonkfest with Jay has spread around the room, as Becky swears at her and runs off with a desperate Jay in pursuit.

Cat looks very tired, like a last little spark has been extinguished, and the DS still has a face like thunder. Frankie looks ashamed and deeply affected by Cat’s reaction, hardly noticing Sadie standing there.

Cat and DS Murray ride off in a taxi. Cat looks out of the window, once again thinking about all of the things that Frankie has done to hurt her and others. She moves towards the DS and holds her hand, as if she’s making a decision. DS Murray looks like a woman knows she’s being somewhat “settled for,” but by this point, she loves Cat too much to broach the subject.

Tess looks at the birthday pictures of her and Ed, perhaps wondering how she could have missed his true feelings for so long. To be fair, we’re all wondering that.
Frankie feels abandoned but tries again to f–k the pain away.

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