Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap (Episode Five)

Ed quickly phones Frankie to inform her of Tess’ impending arrival, trying to convey her state, but the message is lost. When Tess stumbles upset through the door, all party attendees yell a chorus of “Surprise!” but it doesn’t quite have the impact they were hoping for. She stares at them in shock and then runs to her room to hug a pillow.

Frankie goes after her and in quite a maternal embrace, she holds her as Tess weeps onto her chest.

Ed comes bounding into the flat and tells Cat that he told Tess he’s in love with her. Like the prick he has been all episode, Jay has a little smirk and reminds Ed of Tess’ lesbianism.

Ed: Didn’t stop you with Frankie though did it?

Sarah: Oh bugger, it’s all going tits up now.

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