Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap (Episode Five)


Cat arrives to Frankie’s “Hey, cowgirl,” to which she replies, Hey cowboy.” Sheriff Murray walks in with a face like thunder and Sadie, too, spots the flirtation.

Cat and Frankie have an unintentional moment of hand touching while unpacking Tupperware – sexy times – which Sheriff Murray spots. She breaks up the mounting tension by bringing Cat a bottle of beer for her to drink straight from the bottle, like lesbians do.

Sadie lets it slip that she’s been in Jay’s apartment and Becky latches onto this bit of information, realising that she must be the one who stole her necklace. When she broaches it with Frankie, she’s characteristically unrepentant, which angers Becky. She notices Frankie’s wandering eye.

Becky: Well if you want Sadie, at least act like it. Cat’s taken.

Jay tells Frankie that Cat is happy and Frankie deflects her pain once more by launching herself onto Sadie’s lips while making eyes at an uncomfortable Cat.

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