Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap (Episode Five)


Tess was looking for an ego boast on her birthday not an example of someone else having something she doesn’t. They fight, and because she is a vile one, Chloe leaves Tess with the bill to settle – happy birthday Tess. To make matters worse, she inspects her wrinkles in the plate the bill came in and doesn’t look happy.

Frankie has returned to the address she has for Bolt – just in time to see Uncle Fester and Bolt shouting at each other. Uncle Fester threatens to hurt an unnamed woman, if things go any further.

Once again, Cat becomes Frankie’s confidante later in the pub. She tells Cat that knowing her uncle and Bolt are connected makes her feel worried about digging further. Cat – bizarrely considering the happenings of the other night – suggests getting the DS involved but Frankie sensibly declines this offer.

Frankie: No wonder I’m such a f–k up.

Cat: You’re not a f–k up.

Cat then admits that actually she is a bit of a f–k up, but holds her gaze dotingly for quite a long time.

Frankie: You know you’re the only person that really knows me.

With a heavy heart and much regret, Cat gets up to leave because she’s meeting Sam before Tess’ surprise bash. Frankie is gutted she has to let her go.
Frankie has deflected her Cat longing by meeting up with Sadie and inviting her along to the party. Sadie indulges in Frankie’s flirtations but admits that she didn’t think Frankie was keen, due to her actions the last time they saw each other.

Frankie: I’ve been having family problems.

Sadie: Who hasn’t?

Sadie asks if she really wants her at this party, Frankie lies in the affirmative, kisses her and thinks of Cat.
Dressed as a sheriff, DS Murray swaggers in to Cat’s flat and complains about landlord issues with her own flat. Cat immediately demotes her to deputy by telling her she’s 20 minutes late. Sensing that the cowgirl in front of her is anything but thrilled, the sheriff asks why she’s been a bit cold of late. Cat fobs her off with work stress.

Tess’ surprise bash is in full swing and Frankie has made the place look gaytastic – she is at the epi-centre riding in on a pantomime horse. Sadie is dressed as Pocahontas and there is a lot of gay disco-dancing to boot.

Lee: You can’t see us but we are actually there at this party, watching from the sidelines.

Sarah: We can report that a real extra is in that pantomime horse, and despite what you might think, it didn’t really seem like fun to be ridden by Ruta for four hours.

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