Great LezBritain: Interview with Sharleen Spiteri

AE: We read many a year ago that you were slightly peeved that your record company hadn’t pushed Texas harder in conquering the States. Is this something that still bothers you?
At the time it was happening it was frustrating because there were so many people saying, "I really like what your band does but I couldn’t get the record." You learn to live with it, although it would have been nice to have played in America especially as it’s so influential in what we do. We did a 3/4 month tour in America years ago but we haven’t been out since.

AE: Do you think when you were out there the Texas name made things a bit trickier for you?
That was always hysterical because people always thought that we were a country band. We did wonder when we were out there why the hell we called ourselves Texas.


AE: Do you have ambitions to have another go at the states?
We make records and it is up to the record company to decide what they do with it, that’s the brutal truth of it I wish it wasn’t.

AE: It is very apt that you are being featured on when you did the original theme tune for  Ellen. How the devil did this come about?
Ellen [DeGeneres] is great and I couldn’t believe it when she wanted to use "So Called Friend" for the show. I remember when Ally [McErlaine, Texas guitarist] and I went out and sat on set playing the song she jumped around us like a lunatic and we were just like "Oh my God." It was exciting that people were on the show doing the song, and we couldn’t stop laughing when some people were performing it. We just felt really flattered that Ellen liked the song and the band.

AE: Regarding "Don’t Keep Me Waiting" being featured on the last series of The L Word, did you see the episode it was in?
I watched a lot of The L Word but I didn’t see that episode. A lot of my friends called me up to tell me that they had seen it.

AE: It was used at a lovely moment (At the end of episode 3, Kit getting called up on stage by Sunset Boulevard), you should watch it.
I’m glad, I will check it out. I don’t have a copy of it but I’m sure I can get one.

AE: Did you like what you saw of The L Word?
I really liked The L Word and I thought that Shane had a similar haircut to me and so was very cool. (laughs) I liked her androgynous look.

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