Great LezBritain: Interview with Sandi Toksvig

AE: Let’s talk about your new book?
ST: We don’t have to. I’m going to talk about this book on stage [hands Great LezBritain a copy of the Janet and John books for non British readers and also British readers younger than 30, Janet and John books were how British kids were taught to read at primary/ elementary school].

AE: Flashbacks. Are you going to talk about the gender stereotyping of Janet and John?
ST: Yes, they are terrible books. Very light on plot.

AE: Have you seen the furor over Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s kid in the US?
ST: No? [Great Lezbritain explains] That’s ridiculous. That sounds like how any child would like to dress. You know, I don’t think I would even recognize Angelina Jolie if I saw her?

AE: You are not as gay as we thought in that case. Most lesbians would recognise Angelina anywhere
ST: I am really bad at recognizing people. I once sat next to Geri Halliwell at a dinner and it was fine until I said after 40 minutes, “And what do you do for a living? My partner was kicking me under the table.

AE: Didn’t she regale you with wonderful theory on Girl Power?
ST: No. We didn’t have a lot in common, let’s put it that way.

AE: Very last question: Sandi Toksvig, what is your favourite biscuit?
ST: I don’t have a big sweet tooth but a plain digestive with cheese is nice.

AE: Oh.
ST: You seem disappointed by that.

AE: That’s not really a proper biscuit if you add cheese?
ST: No, I suppose not. I retract the cheese.

Sandi Toksvig’s new book, a collection of her Daily Telegraph columns, The Chain Of Curiosity is out now on Little Brown. (We also recommend Girl’s Are Best.)

"Great LezBritain" authors Sarah, a Londoner, and Lee, a Glaswegian, met in a gay discotheque one bleak mid winter, eight years ago and have been shacked up together ever since. When not watching Tipping The Velvet, they find time to write, run a PR company, DJ at their own club nights and love a bit of jam on toast. Follow them on Twitter at greatlezbritain.

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