Great LezBritain: Interview with Ruta Gedmintas from “Lip Service”


AE: Is there anything you had to do to get yourself in the mindset of playing Frankie?
At our first costume fitting, the director gave us a guide to lesbian sex, and told us all to read the book cover-to-cover. I started reading it on the plane on the way back from Glasgow and I didn’t realise there were pictures the whole way through it. I was flying with a granny on one side of me and a little kid on the other, and just flicking through it. I opened it at a page with a massive picture of a woman with nipple clamps on and saying, "Oh sorry. This is for work."

In terms of getting into Frankie’s character, I approached it the same way I do with every character. I look at images and play music and I read stuff about the kinds of things they have gone through and are going through. I have a Frankie mood board that has everything that is inspirational to me, and I have a Frankie playlist on my iPod that I listened to everyday during filming.

AE: What’s on that playlist?
There is one track that is the "Frankie track" but I want to keep that just for me. But if I have to be really loud and a bit lairy, then I’ll listen to The Black Eyed Peas. If I have to be sexy, I listen to something like Peaches, and if I have to be really emotional, then there’s a lot of Damien Rice and stuff like that. It’s just using stuff that I think will help me relate to where Frankie is.

AE: You have a lot of sex scenes. Were you nervous about doing these?
There is always a bit of nerves when doing it. It is such a cliché thing to say but they are the unsexiest of things when you are filming them. The sex scenes were probably the biggest challenge for me because Frankie is quite a predator and so she has to be extremely confident, which is difficult when you are naked in a room full of people.

AE: How was filming those sex scenes in the Glasgow weather?
: The flat we have been filming in for the past three weeks has been freezing — an absolute freezer. So that has been interesting trying to pretend that you are really warm and sensual but you’re actually in an icebox.

AE: How are all the cast getting on?
We have been really lucky with the cast. I kind of went onto set thinking, "Oh God, a bunch of females. There could be bitching," but actually, it has been lovely. Everyone is so nice and you can actually see why everyone has been cast in their parts.

AE: Have you been out and about much together?

I think I have been out, at the most, three times in three months, just because my schedule has been really crazy. I have been working everyday and if I ever get a day off, I think "Brilliant, a day off. I can learn lines."

We did have the wrap party a few days ago and you could tell that none of us had been out much as we were all, "Yeah, sambuca!" but that has been pretty much it.

AE: What do you hope happens from Lip Service?

I haven’t really thought about it, but I just hope people think it’s a good show. I don’t like watching myself but I will because I think it is the only way to learn. But I won’t watch it with other people. I’ll be in a darkened room watching from between my fingers and I will probably hate everything I do. But I do want to see it.
I would like to see everyone else’s performances as well.

We saw a cut together at the wrap party and just seeing Fiona Button do her scenes, I felt like a proud mum — she is so good.

AE: Apart from Lip Service, have you got anything else in production?
I have the horror movie I mentioned, Prowl, that comes out in April. I did another indie film in New York at the beginning of the year called Zero Sun but I am not sure when that is out. Other than that, I am off to LA for a few meetings and a bit of a holiday. I go every year and always stay in Venice. I think it is kind of like Camden in LA.

AE: Lastly, have you ever had a girl crush?
I have always had a crush on Angelina Jolie. I think she’s beautiful, plus I’ve developed a bit of a crush on Heather [Peace.] I think she’s so cool and beautiful.

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