Great LezBritain: Interview with Natasha O’Keefe of “Lip Service”


AE: Were there any scenes that you felt excited by or felt hesitant about or did you just throw yourself into it all?
NO: Probably the one I was most hesitant about was the second scene I filmed with Ruta, which was our sex scene which comes in at the end of Episode 2. I thought the scene was totally necessary and not gratuitous at all but it was my first ever TV role and it was only the second time I had ever spoken to Ruta and there I was naked going for it full throttle. [both laugh]

But I couldn’t have asked for any better person to do that with. Ruta was so supportive. The scene I enjoyed the most was when we were trashing the house in episode 4 because we did literally just get to trash the place. I did also really enjoy the scene when Frankie and Sadie spoke to each other for the first time in the coffee shop because I really liked the chemistry and the playfulness of it. There were just so many scenes that I just had so much fun with. I couldn’t have asked for a better first television job.

AE: Did you have any expectations on the impact and how big Lip Service was going to be?
NO: I had a feeling it was going to cause a stir. [laughs] It was probably seen as a bit of a risk that BBC Three were taking, I mean it’s The Beeb, “They’re not suppose to do that sort of thing” but I think it’s about time. I hoped that the stir would be positive one and I do think that everyone seemed to enjoy it and warm to it.

AE: Do you get recognised a lot?
NO: No I look totally different to how Sadie looks so I am not surprised by that really. My hair has grown back and my face isn’t so dark and painted. I was actually growing my hair but then had to have it cut for an Oasis video I was in. I then went back to growing it but got it chopped right back up to my ears to play Sadie. I do think the hair suits her look perfectly.

AE: How was it being in the Oasis video for “Falling Down?
NO: I played a kind of Princess Margaret character which was very fun. I was actually speaking to Derek Wax, the executive producer of Lip Service, and he told me that he had watched the Oasis video as part of my casting process because he didn’t really have a lot else to go on for me, and I was well chuffed they had seen it. It’s great to have, but I’m not very good at watching myself. It tends to be through fingers.

AE: Do you think there are similarities between you and Sadie; do you have any of the Dodgeress’ cheek?
I wish I had balls like Sadie. I’m really not that hardcore, sorry if that disappoints anyone. She’s a very different character to me, but I do like some thrilling things and some people I know may argue that there are some similarities.

AE: Would you like a second series to be commissioned?
NO: I would love it to come back. It totally deserves a second series, everyone had such a marvelous time on it and hopefully Sadie would be written back into it. I was actually reading some comments and saw that some people were interested in knowing a bit more about Sadie, so I think in a second series we could see a bit more of her world.

AE: That would be exciting … I think she does have quite a cult following and although some people weren’t convinced by her at the beginning, she certainly won them round at the end.
NO: I am technically sh–e with Twitter and all these things, but Ruta has been informing me of the comments online, and hearing that Sadie has a little following makes me feel well chuffed. I think in the fourth/fifth episode she really comes to life because she’s stirring things up and although I’m not sure if she is a good friend, she is definitely a lot of fun.

AE: You mentioned Ruta, do you see any of the other cast?
NO: There was a Lip Service lunch last week for the cast and the executive producers to celebrate what a success the show had been. It was lovely to see them all and we stay in contact a bit, but I do see more of Ruta than anyone. I suppose because we did get to know each other quite intimately you could say.

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