Great LezBritain: Interview with Laura Fraser of “Lip Service”


AE: What did you think of the script when you read it?
I thought it was really amusing, and I liked that it was all women talking about how they felt and thought and lived. I liked that it was set in Glasgow and hoped it would show Glasgow for the beautiful city that it is instead of the shabby parts that normally are shown. I liked that Cat is an architect cos there is so much beautiful architecture here; this is becoming a tourist ad for Glasgow now!

So yes I thought it was a funny, light show but then as I got into it more, I realised it is quite emotionally traumatic. I was f–ked by the end of it, with the love triangle. Plus at the beginning my agent said to me, "You know there is a nudity clause in this and a lot of sex scenes?" and I thought, "Oh there are only a few." Then one day I filmed three sex scenes in a row and I think in total I had eight or nine which is rough going in terms of just being naked in front of everyone all the time. I’ve had a baby and my body is a bit f–ked so it was a lot more emotionally draining than I thought it would be.

AE: How do you prepare for that?
I didn’t. I couldn’t really because we only had two scripts in the first place and then we would only get the rest of the scripts about two days before shooting them so the most I could really prepare was to learn lines. I suppose my own life experience just informed quite a lot of the choices in terms of the life that Cat is leading. I mean, I don’t have experience in terms of being a gay woman and coming out to your parents, etc., so for that part of her life I talked to my gay friends but that was about as much prep I had time for.

AE: In the show Cat starts going out with Sam who treats her really well but she still has one eye on Frankie despite the fact she broke her heart — who do you think you would choose?
I think Frankie is destructive and could do with a little bit of therapy whereas Heather’s character Sam is a little bit older and more grounded. She knows what she wants and is able to offer a lot more to Cat but she can’t help being so drawn to Frankie. I would be the same, I would be drawn to my first love, it’s like a bond that never breaks, but in the end I would probably go with Sam.

Cat and Sam in Lip Service

AE: There will obviously be comparisons made between The L Word and Lip Service. Did you watch The L Word?
LF: I’m almost finished the second series of The L Word and I absolutely love it — I’ve started ordering it in advance. When I started watching it halfway through filming I got a bit of a fright thinking that they were quite similar, but the more I watched it, the more I thought the two couldn’t be further apart. 

AE: What is it you liked so much about The L World?
The acting, the dynamics between the women and I love shows that are of a predominately female cast. I love knowing that I have series and series of The L Word ahead of me! I find it much more interesting watching women. I mean, I like watching men who are really great actors but I just love female shows like Sex and the City.

AE: Did you and the rest of the cast have time to hang out or go out together?
Yes we had a dinner at my house and Heather cooked. We were like a couple because she cooked and I was making sure everyone was okay. It was an X Factor dinner actually, it was the final and everyone wanted to see it so Heather made an amazing Thai meal and we all watched it. Lila my daughter, who is three, got to stay up late with us and played with all the girls and now she thinks that whenever I work it’s with Ruta, Fiona and Heather.

AE: Do you have any girl crushes?
LF: Penelope Cruz. She’s so hot. I just saw Nine yesterday and she is mind-blowingly brilliant in it. She just makes me laugh too.

AE: What would you like to happen on the back of Lip Service?
LF: I hope it’s good! I just hope it all works and the chemistry is good and people believe in the characters, perhaps relate to something in them. When I first read it, I thought, "I bet I’d like this and watch it." So I hope I still feel like that and I hope everyone else feels like that.

AE: Will you watch it when it airs?
LF: There are a few things I have done that I still haven’t seen. I don’t go out of my way but if they send it to me then I have to because my curiosity gets the better of me. Sometimes it can be damaging to watch if you already thought you were s–t and it just confirms you were! I will watch Lip Service but I will ban my family from watching it because there is so much sex. I am really not too keen on them seeing me give h–d. If they watch it, then I will just have to say I warned them and they have done it to themselves!

Lip Service premieres tomorrow at 10:30 pm on BBC Three. If you are outside of the UK then fear not, Great LezBritain will be recapping the whole series here on

"Great LezBritain" authors Sarah, a Londoner, and Lee, a Glaswegian, met in a gay discotheque one bleak mid winter, eight years ago and have been shacked up together ever since. When not watching Tipping The Velvet, they find time to write, run a PR company, DJ at their own club nights and love a bit of jam on toast. Follow them on Twitter at greatlezbritain.

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