Great LezBritain: Goodbye 2010 and Hello Legs Eleven

Zoe Lyons, Comedian

2010 has been a great year for me in that I got to work abroad a lot. I love to travel and this year, I’ve been lucky enough to gig in France, Dubai, New Zealand and India. But the real high for me was a five-week comedy road show I did in Australia. It was the most awesome trip. I got to do shows in some of the most amazing places. As well as Alice Springs and Darwin, we did tiny mining towns in Western Australia. I was a little anxious about performing in front of crowds that were largely made up of booted miners but they were so receptive and so much fun.

I have also enjoyed the fact that 2010 came with a massive dump of snow and is going out in a similar way. I love the snow, even though it does have the potential to bring the country to a grinding halt. I, myself, was trapped on a train for nine hours in the latest snow storms.

2011 promises to be another exciting year. As well as going back to Oz in April, I’ll be seeing a lot of the UK on a tour I’m doing that kicks off in February. One day, I will do a road travelers guide to British service stations, as I have visited most of them and consider myself something of an expert now.

Harriet Braun, Creator-WriterLip Service

My favourite moments of 2010:

Seeing the first TV show I created, Lip Service, go on air and the enthusiastic response it got from viewers.

And of course, attending the Lip Service party hosted by your good selves, GreatLezBritain, and getting to meet some of the fans of the show.

Discovering the utterly fantastic TV series Breaking Bad.

Through the wonder that is Facebook, reconnecting with my childhood best friend, who also became a writer, and finding that chatting to her now is as easy and fun as it was when we were younger.

In 2011 I am, of course, hoping to be back in Glasgow filming Lip Service, series 2. Fingers crossed!

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