Great LezBritain: Goodbye 2010 and Hello Legs Eleven

Clare Balding, Columnist, Presenter – Winter Olympics, Crufts, Britain by Bike

Some highlights of 2010 included presenting the Winter Olympics live from Whistler: waking up in the mountains every day, sharing the platform with Kerrin Lee Gartner (Olympic downhill champion for Canada), watching Amy Williams win Great Britain’s first individual Winter Olympic gold medal since 1980, and interviewing her afterward, winging it when we had to, working hard and playing hard on the odd evening.

Another highlight would be the PCC agreeing that A.A Gill’s review of Britain By Bike, in which he referred to me as a “dyke on a bike,” was in contravention of the Editorial Code of Conduct. On behalf of many people who would like to get on and do their jobs without their sexuality being used as a weapon with which to attack them, it was important to make the point that he may mock me for many things, but not for being gay.

In 2011, I am looking forward to diversifying from sport and enjoying my freelance status. The year will kick off with a big new show for Channel 4 called Famous & Fearless, which I am co-presenting with the brilliantly talented Chris Evans. Having said that, I will hugely enjoy the usual sporting highlights: the Derby, Royal Ascot, Wimbledon, the Open golf, the Challenge Cup and everything else I am lucky enough to work on.

Alice Arnold, Presenter-Newsreader – Radio 4

In 2010, I recorded Series 3 of Listen Against for the BBC, which was very well received. I discovered that although I have a hitherto unexplored and somewhat raw talent for painting on my iPad, it may be just as well that I have the ability to read out loud without swearing on Radio 4.

In 2011, I am looking forward to defending three trophies at the local golf club. But I’ll be equally happy if any of my friends win them.
My New Year’s resolution would be to continue eating as much Galaxy Cookie Crumble chocolate as I already do. It may be tough but I’m putting my all into it.

Roxanne McKee, Actress – Lip Service, Game Of Thrones

From kissing girls to medieval milk baths, 2010 has been quite a diverse year, work-wise, which is exciting. I also now have a scar on my wrist from a little horse riding incident, which I’m secretly a little proud of.
I’m looking forward to 2011 mainly because I’m freezing my toes off and can’t wait for some beach action, no pun intended. I miss the sun!

Fingers crossed 2011 brings work in hotter climates.
I’m not very good with resolutions – who is? But I would like to learn Italian so I guess that’s better than banning cake. I already know how to say “fat monkey” – scimmia grassa – which is as good a start as any!

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