Great LezBritain: Goodbye 2010 and Hello Legs Eleven

Joanna Briscoe, Author – Skin, Sleep With Me

My highlights were having my own study built: a tiny, pitch-roofed white room, like a chapel, with a section of exposed brick wall and views through a tree into the study of one of the founders of the Virago Press! And a gorgeous, luxurious holiday, provided by generous friends, near Luca in Italy.

In 2011, I’m looking forward to my next novel, You, being published in July, and to more travel round Italy in the summer.

Heather Peace, Actress, Singer-Songwriter
Lip Service

This has been a really special year for me from beginning to end. It began with the filming of Lip Service, which was one of the best jobs I’ve ever had and where I’ve made some lifelong friends. I was also really proud to have been included on this year’s Pink List and it’s been really empowering to embrace my sexuality more publicly.

I’ve been overwhelmed by the messages that I’ve had from gay girls all over the country who have felt supported by Lip Service, and by the fact that I am out. I’m just so pleased that it has made a difference to people.

My main New Year’s resolution is to continue this musical journey that I started at the end of 2010. I played a few small shows across the country but in April, I will head out on my first proper UK tour and I can’t wait for it!

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