Great LezBritain: EXCLUSIVE Interview with Brooke Vincent and Sacha Parkinson of “Coronation Street”

AE: Have you seen the fan videos on YouTube or any fan fiction that has been written?
I was on YouTube recently to try and find another interview we did because we hadn’t seen it, and as I was searching all these other videos with our names on popped up and I was like “What are all of these?” It’s just amazing that people have found the time to make videos about Sophie and Sian. It just feels like a really big honour and makes us think we must be doing something right if people are taking the time to make these.

AE: Well you are because a lot of people from the USA have told us that they are now watching the show just to follow Sophie and Sian’s storyline – so how does it feel to know that you have brought in whole new fan base to the show?
We couldn’t believe it when we were told this. We knew that Coronation Street was being watched in New Zealand and Canada, but to know it is seen in the USA feels amazing!

AE: Because this relationship means a lot to people do you feel any extra pressure to portray it well?
Not at first because I didn’t think it was going to be as big as it is. And, actually, the support we’ve been getting has taken the pressure off a bit. I thought this storyline could either be really, really good or really, really bad and the fact that it has really taken off makes us feel so proud.

AE: Is there anything in particular your fans have said to you that has made you feel especially proud?
I’ve had letters telling me that this storyline has allowed people to come out to their parents because it isn’t the type of lesbian storyline you often see — we’re just playing teenagers going through the same things a lot of other people are going through. I also got a letter from a woman in her thirties and she told me that she wishes that she had something like this when she was younger because it may have helped her to come out earlier in her life. That felt really special.

SP: Sophie and Sian is a love story it’s not about two girls experimenting. During the entire process leading up to the story, all of the writers and the producers have told us that they want it to be about love and I think that’s why everyone appreciates it and it means so much them.

AE: We last saw Sian and Sophie running away together so how will the love story continue when they return?
When we come back to the street we are much more mature and their relationship is much more real. It has finally come out to everyone that they are a couple and it becomes just a normal relationship on the Street.

AE: I think that is really important because there is some fear that the storyline will fizzle out or the writers won’t know what to do with the characters once they are ‘out’, so you think their relationship has a long-term future on the show?
Yes, definitely! A lot of people may think that being a lesbian is just about coming out and then that’s it but with this storyline we are just trying to act out a love story where they do settle down and we want to show that this relationship is no different to any other couple — it just happens to be a girl having a girlfriend and not a boyfriend.

SP: I think the writers knew that people would be worried that Sophie and Sian’s relationship would fizzle out when they were first writing the script but that’s the last thing they wanted. They don’t want to build up so much support for the storyline only to disappoint people. Plus why should it fizzle out when it is a girl and a girl, it should just be concentrated on because they are a couple and it should be treated like any other relationship would.


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