Good Game: NHL 11, Reviews of Dragon Age and ME2 DLCs, Gameplay Preview of Fable 3, and Greed Corp

Upcoming Games

Fable III (Oct. 26, Xbox/PC) — I recently had the opportunity to play the first four hours of the new Fable
game being released next month, and it was a lot of fun! 

I love the new combat system
and upgraded character interactions (you can now kiss and dance with
your love interest). And the setting is even more beautiful than in Fable II.

Trolling for a girlfriend in Albion

For more on how the gameplay has been improved, read my full preview here (no story spoilers, just gameplay ones).

Disney Epic Mickey (Nov. 1, Wii) — The full cinematic intro to the action-adventure platforming game has been released, and it looks great. 


Any game that lets you change the world using paint and paint thinner is worth playing!


Dragon Age 2 (March 11, Xbox/PS3/PC) —  The female Hawke has finally been revealed!

Love the look!

Tron: Evolution (Dec. 17, Xbox/PS3/PC) — Cool new gameplay trailer from the upcoming Tron game:


Games developed as movie tie-ins tend to suck (the Avatar console game is a great example), but I’m willing to try this one for nostalgic reasons.

Halo: Reach (Sep. 14, Xbox) — It’s Halo: Reach
Invasion Week on Xbox Live, in preparation for the game’s release on
Tuesday. Each day between now and launch day brings something new,
including a campaign preview, a discount on the Warthog avatar
prop, a Firefight preview, and lots more. Look for a
multiplayer preview on Sunday.

Currently Playing

When I’m not playing Mass Effect 2, I’m harvesting resources in  Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution (iPad/iPhone), avoiding raider attacks in Fallout 3 (Xbox/PS3/PC), and conquering territories in Greed Corp. (XBLA/PSN), an
addictive turn-based strategy game which rewards the last player
standing. It was a little confusing at first, but this
tutorial helped:


I’m still trying to get the
hang of how to use harvesters most effectively, but at least I’m
finally winning more games than I’m losing.

I also just started playing PopCap’s
popular PC and iPod/iPad game Plants vs. Zombies
on Xbox, and I’m starting to understand why everyone’s been raving about it — it’s strangely addicting.

Fans of Plants vs. Zombies on any platform might be interested to know the new Game of
the Year addition has new achievements, and the ability to
create your own zombie and use it in the game.

But even if you don’t own the game, you can create your own "zombatar" online. Mine (right) is a cross between Sue Sylvester and me after I’ve been writing all day.

"You think playing games is hard? Try reviewing games — that’s hard!"

Let me know in the comments what you’re playing now, and check back next week for my Fall ’10 Game Guide.


Sarah Warn currently runs and writes for TheTorchOnline. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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