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Mass Effect 2 "Lair of the Shadowbroker" (Xbox/PC)  — This is ME2′s best DLC, and a must-play DLC for Mass Effect
fans. Not only do you get the Shadow Broker’s base and a chance to
continue your relationship with Liara, your decisions in "Lair" will affect your experience in Mass Effect 3.

Read my full review here (it’s not too spoilery), and download the DLC!

Bioware recently released some interesting data
on how people play ME2, including the fact that 80% of players
choose to play as the male Shepard, which surprised me a little. I
always choose to play as a woman when I have the option, but I know
many people prefer to play the opposite gender in games, or don’t have a preference at all.

I created a poll to find out what you all do, when given a choice (I’ve listed
your real-life gender in parenthes so we can see if/how the choices
differ by genders).


Dragon Age: Origins "Witch Hunt" (Xbox/PS3/PC/Mac) — What a disappointment!

"Witch Hunt" is basically a buggy 2-hour advertisement for Dragon Age 2 that doesn’t live up to the hype. Here’s how BioWare described it:

[Morrigan's] plans and her whereabouts have remained a mystery… until now. But
whether you seek answers, revenge, or reconciliation with your lost
love, you may find more than you bargained for.

In reality, you’ll find much less than
you bargained for: vague, cryptic answers to your
questions; a weak boss battle; and only  a few minutes of
Morrigan at the very end. 

If this DLC was free, and marketed
accurately, it might be worth playing for die-hard DA:O fans. But I don’t recommend it as-is.

BioShock 2 "Minerva’s Den" (Xbox/PS3)
— This well-written single-player story takes you back into
the heart of Rapture as a Big Daddy battling against Rapture’s
central computer, with new plasmids, new weapons, and new enemies.
Clocking in at around five hours to complete, this DLC is a good blend
of the old and new, and a fitting end to this series. It’s just
disappointing that the PC version wasn’t released at
the same time.

Mafia II "Jimmy’s Vendetta" (Xbox/PS3/PC)
With 30 arcade-style missions, this DLC focuses more
on action than story. The missions are entertaining, but a little
repetitive after awhile. 


Vanquish (Oct. 19, Xbox/PS3)
— The futuristic sci-fi shooter pits you against Russians for
control of a space station before the Russians use it to destroy New
York. The combat style is fun, but the premise isn’t exactly original.

Quantum Theory (Oct. 12, Xbox/PS3) — This shooter about "a dark, grimy world in which hulking beasts threaten to destroy the world" has you playing Sam, a soldier fighting the oncoming doomsday with brawn, tactics, massive weaponry, and his  AI-controlled partner, Felina.

Felina and Sam, aka Walking Gender Stereotypes

This is a lot like Gears of War,
but not nearly as good. In fact, the whole game seems like a poor
mish-mash of other sci-fi shooter games. Definitely not on my must-buy

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