Good Game: Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age, and BioShock DLCs, a Portal 2 Preview, Rock Band 3 and Elemental

Upcoming DLCs

BioShock 2 “Minerva’s Den” (Xbox , PS3, Aug. 31) — 2k has announced Aug. 31 as the release date for their final DLC. Set in the previously unseen technological section of Rapture, “Minerva’s Den” expands the BioShock 2 singleplayer game, introduces a new type of Big Daddy and new Splicers, and allows players to find almost all of the plasmids and tonics from the main game.


If you’re not sick of Rapture yet, this DLC should be fun.

Dragon Age: Origins “Witch Hunt” (PC, Xbox , PS3, Sep. 7) — More Morrigan!

The just-announced (and final) Dragon Age: Origins DLC picks up a year after the defeat of the Archdemon at the end of the game, and revolves around the fate of your dark and mysterious former companion Morrigan. I can’t wait! Get all the DLC details here.

Mass Effect 2 “Lair of the Shadowbroker” (Xbox, PC, Sep. 7) — Sep. 7 is going to be busy for gamers! In addition to the Dragon Age “Witch Hunt,” this much-anticipated DLC revolving around the alien Liara will be also be available for download that day.

Although it’s not clear yet if Liara can join your squad and participate in the primary mission of ME2, the DLC does provide the option to continue your relationship with Liara, and gives you the Shadow Broker intel center, new research, and five new achievements. As Danielle Riendeau wrote about the news in The Weekly Geek yesterday, “So far, the DLC packs have been well worth the time and spacebucks, so if BioWare makes good with a decent mission and some Liara smooching, I will be a very happy camper.”

In related news, Joanna Bylo And Chris Hutchison of Dark Star Photography just did a cool photoshoot of ME 2 character Miranda Lawson (featuring a Polish model, not Yvonne Strahovski — sorry, Chuck fans). Great job on the desolate set and the photoshopped special effects!


Check out all the photos here.

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