Good Game: Halo Reach and Civ V Triumph, Blade Kitten Charms, Red Dead DLC Delivers, and Pocket Frogs Makes a Splash


Last week, you all voted on which fall 2010 games you were most looking forward to. Fable III led the pack with 17% of the votes, followed by Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood (12%) and Fallout: New Vegas (9%).

I was a little surprised that Medal of Honor scored so low (1.3%), because I love its predecessor, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, even more than Modern Warfare 2 (which got a little boring after I prestiged twice). Although I’m definitely looking forward to Black Ops (so many awesome new multiplayer features!), I like the variety of things to do in the Bad Company games — drive vehicles, destroy buildings, revive squadmates as a medic, etc. If you like ME2, I highly recommend you try BC2 or Medal of Honor. And if you currently play BC2 on Xbox, PM me with your gamertag if you want a squadmate!

This week, the poll focuses on the platforms you use for gaming. If you select “other,” let me know why in the comments.


For the first time ever, downloads of PC games eclipsed retail purchases.

Online co-op for the 360 version of Lara Croft: Guardian of Light is now slated for release at the end of September. No date yet on online co-op for the PS3 and Steam versions.

Remedy Entertainment is currently working on the final DLC for Alan Wake, date TBD.

The release date for Little Big Planet 2 (PS3) has been delayed until January.

World of Warcraft (PC) now includes a Plants vs. Zombies mini-game.

A new study found that thinking about violent games make men (but not women) more aggressive.

Sony doesn’t want us to buy fake PS3 controllers that may explode. I guess I know what I’m not buying my sister for Christmas this year. Unless she gets on my bad side.

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