Good Game: Halo Reach and Civ V Triumph, Blade Kitten Charms, Red Dead DLC Delivers, and Pocket Frogs Makes a Splash


Red Dead Redemption “Liars and Cheats Pack”
Xbox/PS3) —

Although the single-player Red Dead Redemption game is fantastic, the multiplayer options have only been so-so. This DLC makes playing online much more appealing.

Rockstar’s latest multiplayer add-on for its awesome Western is the first really good one, with horse racing; a new explosive rifle; several new gang hideouts and hunting grounds; poker and liar’s dice (my personal favorite); and a new Stronghold mode in which you take turns defending an area against the opposite team’s assault. It also provides new multiplayer characters from the single-player game, including John, Jack and Abigail Marsten, Bonnie McFarlane, and Louisa Fortuna. (Finally, some decent female multiplayer characters!)

That’s me on the left, losing my chips in Texas Hold ‘Em.

Upcoming Games and Expansion Packs

Fable III (Oct. 26 Xbox/PC) —
If you’ve always wanted a fancy crib in Albion, you’re in luck! The home decorating options have been updated in Fable 3, as this new video illustrates:

It’s no Sims 3, but it’s definitely an improvement over Fable II.

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood (Nov. 2 Xbox/PS3/PC) — A new gameplay trailer!

BioShock Infinite (2012 Xbox/PS3/PC) — Irrational Games released footage of the first 10 minutes of gameplay for their upcoming city-in-the-sky game.

Is it 2012 yet?

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