God-des and She Rock the Mic


God-des has been an out, queer performer since 1996, and she's seen her share of change. “It seemed a lot more impossible [back then] … even though I totally believed it 10 years ago that I could make it,” God-des says. As for the climate now, she believes that “it's a little more tangible in the sense that a lot more people are out now. There is a lot more gay media, there are more outlets, and I think it's on the cutting edge; it's time.”

Though God-des is acutely aware of the negative aspects of being out, she refuses to let that stop her. “Of course, its frustrating to feel hindered by that, but I don't ever let that make me feel hindered,” God-des says. “I see it more as ‘I'm going to use this to let them feel me.' … We just try to stay focused, write things that are important to us, write good music, and people respect that.”

The duo have an incredibly loyal fan base and a penchant for winning over even the unlikeliest demographics. “We really like it when we affect a little kid, or we see an older straight guy crying in the audience because he's moved by our music,” God-des says. “We get so much love, and that fuels us to keep doing it all the time.”

God-des says they've also had some very touching experiences involving fans: “We've gotten letters from kids saying things like ‘I can't be out to anybody, and in my school I'm so scared, but I feel like I'm OK and it's normal when I put on your CD.' … It's deep. I think we represent a lot more than just music to people.”

Their appearance on The L Word has opened a lot of doors for the duo. “We have so many more opportunities, because we can basically just call up a lot of different places and say ‘Hey, we were on the season finale of The L Word ,' and they'll say ‘Oh, wow!'” exclaims God-des. “A lot more people are seeking us out as well. It's been amazing, because so many more people know who we are now, even though we've been doing this for so many years.”

The newfound attention has allowed God-des and She to pursue music full-time, which they weren't able to do before the L Word episode. They're also in negotiations with Sony's new label for LGBT artists, Music With a Twist, which impacts the release of their newest album. “It won't be too long, because we have the material, it's just a question of how we're going to put it out,” God-des explains.

God-des and She are currently touring the country with a full schedule ahead of them, and both artists exude the personality and confidence that comes with obvious talent. God-des attributes her achievement to self-knowledge and honesty: “I think that the stronger you are and the more confident and secure you are with yourself, the less likely people are to try and negate that. If you come off sure of yourself, then people are more sure about you.”

For more information, visit god-des.com and myspace.com/goddes.

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