“Glee”‘s Dianna Agron hosts the GLAAD Media Awards in San Francisco

But the evening wouldn’t end before not one, but two very special celebrity auctions took place. First, Agron kept the tradition alive of auctioning off a kiss, which was started last year by Rivera when she hosted. Agron’s kiss went for $5,500, which beat Rivera’s high bid of $3,500 from a gentleman kisser. But, last year Rivera went equal opportunity and also accepted a matching bid kiss from a lady. Agron, however, only gave away one kiss and it went to another gentleman. Agron said she would have also been equal opportunity had a woman won, telling the crowd, “I’ve kissed girls before.” I certainly think he got his money’s worth, because that wasn’t a peck.


Come on, gay ladies. Next year we need to start a pool so one of us can finally win one of these things. Sweet lady kisses should always be for the ladies.

Credit: Photo courtesy of Lydia Gonzales

But not to be outdone, Rita Moreno came on stage near the end of the night and auctioned off her own personal prize. Her impromptu auction was for a date at her San Francisco house with drinks and canapés for eight people. She didn’t mention if kissing would be involved, but drinks are always a good way to get sweet lady kisses started. This time, a woman did win after a bid of $15,000. And she celebrated by flashing all the crowd a little bit of what has helped make her an icon in the industry.

Credit: Photo courtesy of Lydia Gonzales

Like I was saying, a gay night was had by all.

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