“Glee”‘s Dianna Agron hosts the GLAAD Media Awards in San Francisco

With Ian Harding who plays Ezra, affectionately known as an honorary Ezbian, on Pretty Little Liars, Ezra:

AE: So what can people expect from this new season of Pretty Little Liars, which debuts Tuesday?
IH: The storylines intermingle. I think the cast is less segmented. Everyone gets involved in the scandal and we see more skeletons coming out of the closet. It’s going to be juicy times three, for Season 3. That was tacky.

AE: So, there is this “Ezbian” joke that Heather Hogan, our Pretty Little Liars recapper extraordinaire, has made.
IA: Oh, “Ezbian Loves Lesbians,” yes – which we made a T-shirt out of.

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AE: So you’ve been really supportive and good-humored and supportive about it. Where does that come from?
IH: My sister is a lesbian and I remember growing up from a young age and seeing from a young age that this wasn’t something for attention. It wasn’t something that was sick or perverted or anything like that. I knew that wasn’t true. From a very young age I realized, oh, this is another human being who just loves someone else. So the fact that LGBT people are questioned and kind of hated in this country is so laughable. It’s so ridiculously wrong.

AE: So you hear a lot from the lesbian fans? The Emily fans are of course legion.
IH: I get a few. A lot of it is, “Oh my God, I love that you are in love with Aria. It’s a very heterosexual storyline. But I do get a few. And in airports you’ll run into a few of them who say, “Listen, I think you’re the best lesbian on there. Always talking about your feelings and falling in love quickly.” So thank you for giving me honorary lesbian status.

AE: You get a mini-toaster oven.
IA: Or a pin, at least.

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With Shay Mitchell, who plays out character Emily on Pretty Little Liars:

AE: So tell me what have you heard from Emaya fans over the break. They’ve been going pretty crazy.
SM: Emaya fans are amazing fans and they are very dedicated to Emily and Maya. They are absolutely wonderful. It has been difficult because in the season finale Emily clearly lost her girlfriend. But what I keep telling them is if you want Emily to be happy you do have to move on. Life does move on. But Maya was a very special person for Emily and a character that will always be loved.

AE: What else can people expect from Emily’s storyline this season?
SM: Oh my gosh, well something very dramatic happens, if it didn’t already happen in the season finale, but something else dramatic happens in the season premiere. It’s going to kind of change the girls and they’re going to have to figure out a way out. We’re also going to get answers from Mona. A couple of them are. I always say it’s probably a good thing that Emily doesn’t go into the sanatorium. But the other girls get some clues and answers from Mona and she might not be the only one involved on this A Team.

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AE: I know there’s been some talk because obviously this is a difficult time for Emily losing Maya and there might be some boys happening. What can you say about that?
SM: We always like teasers on the set. We don’t want everyone to know what’s going to happen. So we’ve popped a couple of photos out there that may or may not be true. Yeah, there are going to be some guys. Maya’s cousin comes back into town and he’s going to help Emily get over everything and help with the healing process. So he is going to play a very important role in Emily’s life going forward.

AE: You’ve been playing this character for a while now and obviously the fans are so passionate. Were you expecting this kind of fan response when you took this role? How has it been for you.
SM: You can only hope for the best and go with it. I love my character so much it just makes me even happier to know that so many other people have embraced her and love her as much as I do. Seeing the support from all over the world, it doesn’t where you are or where you live, they relate to my character and it’s such a wonderful thing. The fact that she’s give hope to so many young kids and not even kids, even older people who were like, “Oh, if only this show was on when I was going through high school would I have felt more comfortable, having someone to relate to. So it is really amazing and I couldn’t be more honored to play Emily. And I always say that, but I can’t say it enough.”

Shay also filmed a special shout out to all the readers at AfterEllen.com, and our own Heather Hogan.


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