“Glee”‘s Dianna Agron hosts the GLAAD Media Awards in San Francisco

With Annie Clark, who plays out lesbian character Fiona on Degrassi:

AE: So do you hear a lot from your lesbian fans on social media. I know you’re on Twitter.
AC: Yeah, Twitter has been the best thing for that. I’ve heard so many girls say I’ve given them the courage to come out to their friends or family. My character had a storyline where she came out to her best friend first, and that sort of was the whole starting point for that. So yeah, it’s the best to hear that. Even though it’s all the writing, it’s nice to hear from people that I helped them in a way.

AE: Did you expect that when you heard the direction your character was going, did you expect that from lesbian fans. Because we’re very vocal and very loyal, I think.
AC: I was not expecting it at all. They told me your character is going to be a lesbian now and I was like, cool. And then I got all of this feedback on Twitter and it was such a great bonus.  But they are very loyal, I love it.

AE: So, your character is in a relationship with Imogen, I believe, what’s going on with that and what can you tell us?
AC: We’re filming Season 12 now and at the end of Season 11 we saw Fiona and Imogen kiss on the ferris wheel. So that was very cute. So this season we’re hoping that they will stay together as a couple because they are very cute together.

Credit: Photo courtesy of Lydia Gonzales

With Jordy Todosey, who plays the FTM transgender character Adam on Degrassi:

AE: You are one of the few trans characters on TV right now. Do you hear a lot from that community?
JT: Yeah, I have a Twitter and a Tumblr, and a lot of people like to talk to me about how much Adam, my character, has helped them and explain what it’s like to be them. So it’s great to hear that.

AE: Are we going to see a love interest for Adam next season?
JT: Oh, yes you might. But I can’t say too much. But maybe yes.

With Beverly McClellan, The Voice Season 1 contestant and GLAAD Awards performer:

AE: So you were out on The Voice, in its first season. There seems to me there are more out contestants on The Voice already than were on American Idol, why do you think that is?
BM: Oh, I was out since the day I came out of my mama. I can’t speak to American Idol but I can speak to NBC. They absolutely put no holds barred on us. They said go out there and be yourself, because this is the risk we’re willing to take. And I said I’ve been taking it all my life, I’ll do it with you. It was hands and hand. All of us, there were lots of us there and it was really cool.

Credit: Photo courtesy of Lydia Gonzales

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