“Glee” recap (5.20): The Rachel Show

Blaine must be exhausted too because the next time we see him, he’s dejectedly feeding the pigeons. Kurt sits down beside him and Blaine tells him that he doesn’t even want to do the stupid showcase anymore. Kurt is more important to him than a chance at fame. Kurt gets all deep about trust being a choice. Everyday they wake up, having the choice to trust one another, and Kurt choose Blaine. He going to choose to love and trust Blaine through thick and thin. He even gives Blaine his blessing on the show. Blaine is overwhelmed and a little turned on. Before they run off to get it on, Blaine tells Kurt “he’s the luckiest guy in the world.” Kurt agrees.


Rachel brings Mary to the diner to ply her with donuts and try to convince her that the script is all wrong. Rachel kindly tells her that the character she wrote actually sounds a lot like Mary. Mary disagrees, claiming that audiences want anti-heroes, not earnest portrayals. Rachel asks Mary to listen while she expresses herself through song, something that makes Mary cringe. Rachel gets up on stage and sings Pink’s “Glitter in the Air” which should give a person all the feeling in the word. There was something about it that was so passionless though. A beautiful voice doesn’t automatically touch your heart unless the feeling is there, and for this number, it felt flat. It worked for Mary however who experiences a feeling unlike any she’s had before. Happiness. She decides to give Rachel’s version of the script a shot.


During Sam’s photo shoot, he’s just not on, and Charlie is getting frustrated. Her assistant is obsessed with Sam’s asymmetrical nipples, so she sends everyone away, and whips out her Polaroid camera. She offers Sam a beer and walks toward him. He reminds her that he’s only 19 and has a girlfriend that he loves. She backs him again a wall and Sam admits he’s worried that if he doesn’t give her what she wants then she will boot him from the shoot. “What do you think I want?” she asks, and before you know it, they kiss. He arrives home to Mercedes with celebratory cupcakes, but he’s so full of guilt he can only hang his head in his hands. He confesses to her about the kiss, heartbroken that he’s cheated on her. Mercedes tells him that Sam didn’t cheat on her, and she’s not upset with him. That doesn’t stop her from breaking up with him though. She’s not worried that he will cheat on her, but rather that one day he will resent her for compromising so much to accommodate her needs. She says that letting him go is the only right thing to do. Sam holds her while she cries.

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