“Glee” recap (5.17): The Love Bubble

Rachel and crew stay out until dawn, and when they arrive at the loft, are surprised to find Mario and Sue post flagrant delicto. They have done the deed all over the apartment, including the couch and Rachel’s bed. Hopefully the Boyfriend pillow remained unscathed. Sue launches into one of her nasty tirades, but Rachel isn’t having it. Maybe she’s still drunk from the scent of leather and burgeoning fame, but Rachel tells Sue what a rotten person she is and orders her to get the hell out of the apartment. She is met with hearty applause from her friends. Apparently New York is Sue Sylvester’s kryptonite.


It’s finally time for the New York Times to be released and they all head down to the magazine stand. Rachel can’t bring herself to open the review, and neither can Kurt, so Santana does the honors. The New York Times thinks Rachel is a smash hit, and they all take turns reading the glowing review out loud. Just then, Will calls to celebrate his good news. He and Emma just welcomed a little boy named Daniel Finn Schuster. For the first time in a long time, all is right with the world.


Sue and Mario walk through the barf-covered streets of morning Manhattan, holding hands. They are at an impasse because Sue doesn’t want to leave Ohio, and Mario can’t leave his life in New York behind either. Plus, Lima already has Breadstix, so you know. They suck face on the street before Sue gets in a cab heading back to the great, very flat, state of Ohio. In her new episode of “How Sue ‘Cs’ it,” she stand by her original comments about New York, but changes her heart on the sentiment behind it. New York is a place of endless possibilities. Sue Sylvester loves New York.


Next time on Glee: Holy shit, Shirley MacLaine singing Janis Joplin. Also, some dude telling Rachel that she has a face for radio. Apparently he has not seen her L’Oreal commercials, because she’s worth it.

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