“Glee” recap (5.17): The Love Bubble


Outside the theatre, Will catches Sue trying to scalp her ticket. He can’t believe her, but after five seasons of this, why is he at all surprised? A man catches her eye, and the world around her becomes like the gym scene in West Side Story. All slow like and blurry. Could it be love at first sight? She decides to keep her ticket after all when he heads into the lobby.

Rachel sits in her dressing room, looking absolutely perfect as Fanny Brice. There’s a knock at the door, and Will comes in bearing flowers and words of encouragement. He tells her how proud he is and that she is making both their dreams come true. Rachel confesses to buying a seat for Finn, which makes my eyes tear up. Finn is still so much a part of Rachel’s everyday, that it makes sense to save a seat in his honor on her special day. Right as Rachel gets her places call, Will’s phone rings. Emma’s water has broken (Who knew she was THAT pregnant!). He has to fly out of there and miss Rachel’s opening night, which she totally understands. She makes her long walk through the backstage, past her cast mates and crew, and takes her place center stage behind the curtain. Tell me you did not get goosebumps at this part. The curtain rises and she is greeted with applause.


Rachel becomes Barbra/Fanny Brice, and belts out the opening number “I’m the Greatest Star” which also happens to be the go to audition number for every 14-year-old girl. Sue complains audibly from her seat, which happens to be next to the critic from the New York Times. She gets up and walks out, right at the same time as the mystery man. Rachel continues to tear it up…but I was left wondering, where the hell were her fathers? How in the world would they miss this moment?

In the lobby, Sue asks some poor usher to call her a cab. The mystery man asks if she’s new around town, because the way to get a cab in NYC is to wildly wave your arms while swearing your face off in the street. They bond over their mutual hatred for the show and after Sue finds out that he is restaurateur, they head off to grab a bite together.


At intermission Mercedes and Kurt sneak backstage to offer up their own words of encouragement. Rachel is barely holding it together. She saw Sue get up and leave and is worried it will negatively affect her review. Her producer, who is also now in her dressing room, agrees with Rachel and proceeds to drop a pile of pressure in her lap to close out the show with a bang. He tells her if the NYT doesn’t give you a good review, you are doomed. DOOMED. Hey Mr. Producer, that is some bullshit right there.

Sue’s mystery man’s name is Mario, and basically the male version of Sue. He offers to make her a meal and she’s taken aback because no one has ever done that before. Her parents were more the TV dinner type of people, what with all the Nazi hunting. The men in her life don’t really stick around long enough to get to that point, either. Mario is shocked because Sue is just his type of gall. Cruel, delicious and tall. (We all have our types. I like curly hair and a sense of humor.) Sue is overwhelmed and admits that she never expected to meet someone like Mario, least of all in New York. Mario tells her that Funny Girl would have been so much better if she had been in it.

With that, Rachel is near the end of the second act and singing the opening phrases of “Who Are You Now”, a song that always makes her think of Finn. Weirdly, it soon becomes a duet with Dream Ballet Sue, as the two women think of their respective loves. Sue sings and dances sweetly with Mario in the restaurant. Rachel of course, sees a beaming Finn, waiting for her in the hallway. I cried when I saw Finn’s smile, and I’m crying now as I write to you good people about it. Rachel cries too, and digs deep inside her heart, offering a little piece of it to the audience.


After the curtain closes, there is much celebration in Rachel’s dressing room. It’s filled with flowers from Mike, Puck and QUINN. Oh Quinn, you don’t send me flowers anymore, sings the Faberry fandom, wistfully. After crushing Rachel’s spirit, Mr. Producer offers to throw an opening night party for her and all her friends. Once he leaves, Rachel tells the gang that she’d rather just be with them until the NYT review is released the next morning. They have just the place. Blaine, Kurt and the rest of the frailly take Rachel to a place that could only exist in New York. A musical theatre leather bar. As soon as Rachel walks in, she is recognized by adoring fans. They beg her to sing, and she’s in absolute heaven. She struts around the bar, signing people’s body parts and singing “Pumping Blood” by the NoNoNo. It’s a full on dance party! Wave your hands in the air everyone! Santana does a special dance, just for the #Gaysharks I think. Who needs a glass of water? CAN I GET SOME ICE WATER PLEASE?!


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