“Glee” recap (5.11): Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For


And just like that, it’s time for actual Nationals.

Actually, wait. I have to tell you my favorite part of the episode. One of the judges is the creator of the exercise sensation that’s sweeping the nation. It’s called Prancercize, and what’s funny is watching her pretzel across the stage while everyone pretzel’s in the audience, but what’s amazing is Blaine’s face when they announce her name.


The Amazonians perform “Vacation” by The Go Go‘s, dressed like Vegas showgirls, with props and everything. Throat Explosion does a pretty killer “Mr. Roboto/Counting Stars” mash-up. Before New Directions go on, Carole and Burt show up because they’re brave as fuck, and also Carole says “horse poop,” which only makes me love her more. With exactly zero hours of practice, New Directions crushes their set of Boston‘s “More than a Feeling” and Neil Diamond‘s “America” and U2‘s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.” The last one with scenes of Finn at his very best.

Sam breaks down after the show and Will is like, “What’s wrong, buddy?” And Sam is all, “I did the best I could with the ten seconds you gave me to prepare to be the leader of this group by hanging the ghost of Finn around my neck.”

Marley also breaks down, but Mercedes talks her back from the ledge. She’s like, “Look, girl. I know what it’s like to fail. It took me three entire months after I graduated from high school to land a contract with a major record label. It can be tough. But you can’t wallow around in eternal misery because these writers have no idea what to do with you. Trust me on that. Chin up, soldier on, you’re very talented and very sweet and I miss your hats.”


New Directions don’t win Nationals. They come in second. Everyone is sad. Except Jean Baptists because he is Skylar Astin and Skylar Astin has Anna Kendrick on speed dial.

Back in Ohio, Jean Baptist has mailed back Finn’s plaque. He didn’t steal it. Another Throat Explosioner stole it and got kicked out of the group. Burt and Carole show up one last time to say how proud Finn would have been of a second place trophy.

But who is not proud of a second place trophy is Sue. She summons Will to her office via Becky, who, by The Laws of Ryan Murphy, is well within her rights as a minority to say whatever horrible thing she wants about other minorities. Using the word “gay” as a slur, just for an example. And just like you knew that was coming, you know this is coming: Sue is pulling the plug on glee club per their previous arrangement that Will had to win Nationals or New Directions would perish. This is the seven hundred thousandth time we’ve seen this exact same storyline, but I guess it’s for real this time? LOL, JK. But it is a nice way to bring back Old New Directions for the 100th episode.

glee511-2 glee511-1

At the Starlight Diner, Kurt rushes in to tell Santana and Rachel that Glee in Lima is over, and they look at each other like, “Jeeezus, finally.”

Next week: The gang comes home to say goodbye to Lima. Again.

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