“Glee” recap 4.20: Santana Baby

The more I think about Glee, the more I realize it is a show that never could have pleased all of its audience. On one hand, you’ve got your shippers, and god love them, but most harcore shippers don’t watch TV for narrative nuance. And Glee‘s got more ships and subtext ships and crack!ships than any TV show in the history of the entire world. And then you’ve got your minorities, watching for fair and honest visibility. You’ve got your serious thespians and your casual musical theater folks and your Top 40 junkies who’ve never even heard of Marvin Hamlisch. You’ve got your viewers watching for the comedy and your viewers watching for the drama. You’ve even got your viewers watching for the Degrassi-style PSAs. Maybe where Glee went wrong was trying to appeal to all of those people. Maybe in trying to please everyone they ended up pleasing no one. It definitely seems like none of the EPs have ever truly understood what makes Glee work, and more often than not, it seems like they have three completely different visions for the show. So for four seasons, they’ve just been throwing anything and everything at the wall to see what sticks, and yet, they’ve never been able to zero in on a formula of sticky things that work together.

I’m saying that now because I just loved “At the Ballet” so much, and when I said it on Twitter last night, the responses were so polarizing. It was either one of Glee‘s best things or one of Glee‘s most boring things. It either could have gone on for 40 more minutes or should have stopped after 30 seconds. I adored it. I adored it in all my whole heart and it made me wish this show would have the balls to make seasons five and six about these three (and Blaine and Mercedes, too) living out their dreams in New York.

So, but after the performance, Santana is so moved that she decides to sign up for a NYADA extension class, even though, as she says, she is already Wonder Woman. Her little tiny Santana self shows up in class. She reaches her arms out and says, “Don’t forget me again, OK?” And Santana promises she won’t. Grown-up Santana hugs tiny Santana and says she’s got her now.

Next week: Mercedes is back! Mike Chang is back! Meredith Baxter and Patty Duke are in lesbians with each other! Oh, and, you know, just a little bit of Blaine Warbler asking Burt Hummel for Kurt’s hand in marriage. He likes it. He wants to put a ring on it. The show is coming full circle.

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