“Glee” recap 4.20: Santana Baby


Kurt says he’ll literally die if Isabelle gives the job to anyone else and then he goes home to tell Santana and Rachel the big news. This is how Kurt opens doors to announce his presence, because he is perfect.

OK, how’s your heart? Intact? Beating correctly? How are your tear ducts? Dry? Well, get ready for both of those things to go haywire because when Kurt announces their invitation to the gala, he and Rachel both reveal their childhood love of ballet. For Rachel, it was just another day of superstardom. For Kurt, it was his mother’s gift to him because she loved the way he pirouetted around the living room to the Blue’s Clues theme song.

Santana goes, “Just when I thought it couldn’t get any gayer up in here …” She says she didn’t take ballet, but instead skipped straight to the fine art of crunk. Kurt tempts her with a gown from the Vogue.com vault and Santana rolls her eyes, like, “Oh, all right!”

At the gala, in the presence of of the Gay Fairy Godmother, Santana’s hard exterior cracks and she confesses that she, too, took ballet when she was a little girl. Her abuela enrolled her because she was such a tomboy. She loved it there. What happens next is one of my most favorite things Glee has ever done; certainly, it’s one of the most soulful. Isabelle and Kurt and Rachel and Santana perform “At the Ballet” from A Chorus Line while the ballet goes on all around them and Kurt and Rachel and Santana flashback to their little tutu-ed selves at the barre. Look at them. Look at them.

“Different is nice, but it sure isn’t pretty. / Pretty is what it’s about. / I never met anyone who was different / Who couldn’t figure that out.”

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