“Glee” recap (4.18): Forever Crying

I’m unsure about the timeline of what happens next. Maybe it’s the next day, that’s what Blaine and Sam say when they’re talking to Tina and Brittany, but when Sue goes to Principal Figgins’ office to confess, she says it took her a couple of days to stop panicking about what she did. Right, because Sue confesses to the whole thing, says she kept a gun locked in a safe in her office because of all the school shootings that have been happening lately, says she’s sorry, says she understands this is the end of her career and that it’s the only thing she’ll ever be remembered for, despite everything else she’s accomplished. Jane Lynch is flawless in this scene. More flawless than all the flawless diamonds in all the land. She’s her own precious gemstone.

But she is, of course, covering for Becky. Will stops by to ask Sue to help him help her, but she is unwavering. The editing is really great here. She flashes back to Becky revealing the gun she brought to school, the two shots she accidentally fired, and her promise to take care of Becky, to take care of the whole thing. She tells Will to keep an eye on Becky, because she gets scared sometimes too. (And also because she is going to be so riddled with guilt that she’s not going to be able to function.)

Post-shooting, Brittany and Sam cement their relationship by co-adopting another chubby cat: Lady Tubbington. Tina and Blaine have a heart-to-heart about how they are each other’s family.

Oh, and Ryder tried to call Katie during the lockdown and her phone rang inside the choir room because Katie is Unique, obviously, but Ryder doesn’t know that yet. He waits for her after school, but she never shows up, so he rushes off to the theater where glee club is blowing off the most important assembly in school history to sing a little John Mayer.

The episode ends with Artie’s video: “I just want to say I’ve had the best experiences of my life in this room and I love these people more than anything.”

I know it’s the most polarizing episode in Glee history, but it sure did make me want to hug my television.

Next week: Finn and Puck become frat boys together, Idina Menzel returns to coach Rachel to her Broadway debut, and according to Tumblr: Klaine, Klaine, gettin’ Klaine over here.

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