“Glee” recap 4.15: Rooting Around

The best joke of this whole episode is how Kurt is so done with Santana until she starts throwing shade at Broday, and suddenly he’s her best mate. They tell Rachel to call Brody and see if he’s out dealing, but he just kind of blows her off and says he’ll be home soon and gets back to hooking out in the snow. Also hilarious is how Adam has literally zero idea how to respond to Santana. He keeps trying to infuse some optimism into the situation, or at least make eye contact with Kurt, like, “Is she for real?” But Kurt and Rachel are so used to her amazingness, they just roll with it.

After the blizzard, Adam tracks down Kurt at NYADA and asks him straight up if Kurt is using him as a rebound. It’s easily the most emotionally mature thing we’ve ever seen anyone do on this show, including every adult ever. And Kurt is equally as awesome in his reply. He responds as kindly as the question and says that he isn’t over Blaine, but that he desperately wants to be over him. Adam’s no dummy. When you’ve got a guy like Kurt Hummel standing in front of you with his palms outstretched and his heart open wide, you don’t turn him away just because he’s got ex-boyfriend baggage. He takes Kurt’s hand and tells him they’re going to find the sweetest, sexiest, sappiest movie in the world and they’re going to start making their own rooftop memories. Adam is a dreamboat. I really do think Kurt should blow his whistle, even if it’s just for a little while.

Back in the Bushwick loft, Santana has finally experienced every gross New York thing in one day and finally she feels at home. So she goes ahead and asks Rachel if she’s pregnant, on account of she found a positive pregnancy test when she was rifling through Rachel’s shit the other day. The way she’s so matter-of-fact about it, and then the way she immediately turns her nurture on when Rachel collapses into her arms, it kind of makes you wonder if she found Quinn’s pregnancy test all those years ago while rootin’ around in her locker. If history really is repeating itself, I guess that means we’ll get a Pezberry hookup sometime around season six!

Next week: Will and Finn pitch slap each other to some ‘N Sync, Santana chops up Brody and stashes his remains in all the secret hiding spots she discovered in her new loft, and Becky smacks Blaine right on dat ass.

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