“Glee” recap (4.10): Brampocalypse Now


If you don’t want to be Klaine-ed, read this:

The address Burt gives Kurt is for an outdoor ice skating rink. Kurt’s ex-boyfriend Blaine is there. Kurt expresses surprise. Blaine explains that Burt flew him to New York. Burt already told Blaine about his medical problems. Blaine says he will take care of Burt. Kurt expresses thanks. They skate. They sing a song. The song is “White Christmas.” They sing the song “White Christmas” as a duet. Burt watches from the sidelines. He has feelings. The song ends. Blaine tells Kurt he would like them to offer emotional support to one another. Kurt appears to be interested in Blaine’s idea. A bell chimes. The bell signals midnight. Midnight, technically speaking, is the start of a new day. In this case, that day is Christmas. Kurt and Blaine hug one another. Burt continues to watch. He continues to have feelings.

If you want to be Klaine-ed, read this:

Burt sends Kurt to an outdoor ice skating rink, and as he wanders up, the commoners part and Blaine Warbler skates right through the holiday rabble. Kurt blinks once, twice. You always see the ghost of your exes when your heart is still raw from the break-up, and Christmas is doubly bad for ethereal spirits, so Kurt just needs to make sure it’s for real. Blaine’s been practicing this moment in his mind for weeks now. He needs to open himself up without pushing, he needs to give Kurt space to heal while offering his whole self up to be Kurt’s comfort. In his head and in front of his mirror, Blaine was probably an articulate orator, pausing at the right times and landing all of his gentle jokes. But when Kurt is actually standing in front of him, Blaine’s composure goes right out the window and in a single breath he says:

“Your dad flew me here for Christmas because he knew you’d need someone to lean on after he told you about his cancer and I’ll be that person for you and I’ll take care of him in Lima too, Kurt, because I know he’s the most important thing and I know I broke one promise to you but this is the most important promise and I won’t let you down again, especially not with this, and I get that it’s a surprise, me being here and everything, and I know I need to let you come back to me at your own pace if you’re ever really going to come back to me, but it’s Christmas and winter duets are what we do and oh, are you at least a little bit glad to see me?” Kurt says, “Always.”

They skate and sing “White Christmas” and slip back into being the harmony to each other’s melody as if they never stopped singing together. Burt watches from the sidelines and remembers Kurt with his mom’s perfume bottle and the way he tried to bribe Kurt with a new car not to be gay and he realizes he loves Blaine because of how Blaine loves Kurt. And he remembers that love is about finding the people worth suffering for.

When the clock chimes midnight, Blaine says it’s Christmas, and he also says no matter what, he and Kurt are going to be here for each other for always. Kurt seals the promise with a hug.

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