“Glee” recap (4.09): Somethin’ Stupid

What should have happened at this point is a “We’re All in This Together” kind of number with basketballs and footballs and trombones and Blaine doing backhandsprings, but instead we get Finn shouting at everyone for having the audacity to join other clubs, even though I’m pretty sure half of these guys already play football and Blaine is on every team under the sun and wasn’t there an episode two weeks ago dedicated entirely to Superhero Club? After Finn is satisfied with his shaming and shunning, the lights shut off dramatically to symbolize the death of life’s most important things, like Finn Hudson’s feelings.

Sam and Brittany canoodle at Sam’s locker. Brittany says she’s been miserable without Santana and that Sam makes her smile, and she doesn’t want to waste any more time not smiling. Sam asks about the lesbian blogging community and Murphy commandeers her voice again to Finn the lesbian viewers: “Shame on you if you don’t want what I want! Shame on you for having feelings I don’t want you to have! Shaaaame! Shaaaaame! I am the lord your god, and I have spoken!” They kiss and it’s cute and I could really get behind it if these writers would just give me some space to mourn the loss of a really important lesbian couple and also some space to make up my own damn mind. I do what I want, Glee. Stop telling me my business.

Winter Showcase time! While waiting for her turn to perform, Rachel kisses Brody right on the mouth because she’s in charge of her own self now, and she’s tired of asking everybody’s permission. First of all, she sings “Being Good Isn’t Good Enough,” and even if the camera wasn’t Glee-ing all around her the whole time, I would still be dizzy with her performance. She follows it up with an encore performance of “O Holy Night” and I don’t mind telling you that I got a whole lot of tears in my eyes watching it. Say what you will about Rachel Berry — and oh, I have — but Lea Michele’s voice is just devastating sometimes.

In a surprise move, Carmen is so moved by Rachel’s performance that she decides to give Rachel’s best friend Kurt a chance to audition right here on the Winter Showcase stage. Kurt paces and frets and wishes he’d brought some of his props with him because he feels so naked performing without them. Rachel’s eyes are twinkling when she tells him the only prop he needs is his face because, honestly, it looks like it was molded by cherubs at God’s own atelier. He decides on “Being Alive,” and it’s perfect and he’s perfect and when he says, “I’m Kurt Hummel and I’ll be auditioning for the role of NYADA student” I burst into tears.

Carmen feels the same way. She welcomes Kurt to NYADA.

Rachel calls Finn after Kurt sings because her heart is full of wonder and even Finn can’t bring her down. She tells him not to give up on New Directions, so he sends them an email and asks them to meet him in the courtyard after the sun goes down and the snow comes out. Finn and Marley sit in the snow and I guess they’ve never seen this show before because they’re real sad that no one is coming to join them. But when they start singing “Don’t Dream it’s Over,” the rest of the glee club wanders up and sings along, because sometimes it’s about trophies and accolades, and sometimes it’s just about making music with people you love.

This episode could have been so good without that stupid lesbian bloggers thing. Glee can keep dreaming it’s not over, but I think they might have severed their ties with a whole lot of lesbians last night. Anyway, next week Burt Hummel is back and maybe that’ll ease the pain of the Big Bram Wedding.

An enormous thank you, as always, to my screencapping partner Lindsay. Follow her on Twitter (@scenicpenguin), why don’t ya’?

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