“Glee” Recap: (4.02): Tough Love Is Just Mean

Schue is furious with them. They’re ruined the rep they barely had earned and they had even jeopardized their chances to participate in the show choir competition. I sort of wish someone would point out to him that it was kind of his job to get them ready for this assembly, but naturally no one does.

Brittany has no excuse for her behavior and resigns from Glee Club. Sam looks thoughtful, confused or constipated. Everyone else just looks shocked.

Back in Rachelstein, Rachel slinks into Ms. July’s class to give her teacher a chance to apologize. Well, Rachel first offers an apology, but it’s one of those apologies that is clearly only half-hearted and meant to encourage the other person to acknowledge how wrong they are. Ms. July remains indifferent to the Rachel Berry Charm Spell, but informs her she isn’t actually allowed, under school policy, to throw her off the roof like she wants. So she can come back to class.

McKinley. Sam has Brittany meet him in the auditorium where he tells her he knows what her game is. She’s deliberately hitting rock bottom so she can make a comeback. How Sam figured this out I don’t know. And there is some cuddling here which guarantees death threats being sent to Chord Overstreet by the “Concerned Brittana Shippers Association.”

Brittany goes to Sue to get her position as head Cheerio back. Through uniquely Brit-Brit logic, she asserts she is still Senior Class President and under executive order, Sue must put Brittany back on the Cheerios.

Sue is impressed by this attempt at logic, but insists that Brittany turn her grades around. Brittany lets her know that’s all taken care of. Schue and Emma are devoting one whole afternoon a week to tutoring her!

It’s Glee… It’s Glee… It’s Glee… It’s Glee…

Meanwhile, in Racheleguay, Brody wants to give her flowers and let her know how sexy she is. Rachel is shocked and astounded when she realizes she is the Kit Kat bar that he wants to break a piece off of. He assures her that he will respect her boundaries, but that every time he sees her he will be imagining macking on her.

Time for a restraining order.

McKinley. Marley is about to confess her feelings for Jake when Kitty slithers up and tells her that Baby Puck is all hers. Jake is all, “Yeah, I mean, sorta, but I can totally do you on the side.”

Yep, he’s a Puckerman.

We close with Marley singing the ache in her heart with “Everytime.” Seriously, girl, life is about more than just getting a boy to like you.

Well, that’s all for this week. Hope you enjoyed!

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