“Glee” Recap: (4.02): Tough Love Is Just Mean

Rachel wants to know if Kurt has heard from Finn. Kurt reminds her that although they are technically step-siblings, they haven’t actually spoken since season 2. Rachel pouts. Apparently, when Finn sobbed and told her she needed to let go of him, she thought he meant just for the summer.

Rachel then confides in Kurt about how mean Cassandra is. Kurt tells her that Cassandra July is a YouTube sensation. Apparently, she stopped a show to go and attack an old man who had failed to silence his cell phone. This killed her career and now she can do nothing but rage at her students.

Back at McKinley. Unique corners Marley to have a little chat about boys. Marley confesses she has a little crush on Jake. This scene, brought to you by the “we need to set up the next number” department leads to “Womanizer.” But hey, it’s got Tina and Unique singing, so I’m happy.

They warn Marley that Jake is a heartbreaker, but will she listen? (Hint: No.)

Back in Rachelvakia, we get a moment with the latest slice of beefcake. Brody is working out, sadly fully-clothed. Rachel asks him to help her prove to Ms. July that she can be sexy. He acts all polite and sweet while his eyes say, “I’m totally going to be nailing you before the week is out.”

McKinleyAgain: Sam, Tina and Junior Jesus sing “Three” which I couldn’t help thinking was written by The Count from Sesame Street. It’s… Well, it happened. Let’s move along.

Brittany has been driven to the edge, either by Oreo overdosing or by bad renditions of Britney songs. She picks up an electric razor which she inexplicably had in her bag and starts to shave off her hair. The kids intervene, thankfully.

Jacob, being the school’s paparazzi, hounds her in the halls. She beats him with her umbrella while someone nearby sobbingly cries, “Leave Britney alone!”

Yep, they went there.

Blaine, Tina and Artie decide that, against all odds, Operation: Sing To BritBrit to Fix Her Problems has failed. The only answer then is to make her the lead vocalist for their upcoming assembly performance.


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