“Glee” recap (2.02): Brittany Spears Britney


Becky Jackson runs up to Sue and tells her the Glee Club is doing a Britney number, but before Sue can do anything (other than tell Becky if she sees any"awkward teenage frottage" she’s to perform "that citizen’sarrest we practiced") New Directions performs "Toxic," which is also a lot more like the "real Glee," and works really well. Mr.Schue shouldn’t be on that stage, but he does a great job.

In fact, they’re all so good they set off what Sue calls a "sexriot." It’s pretty funny, actually, and Jacob is carried out on a stretcher, presumably overcome by the hotness of Rachel Berry doing Britney, live.

The next day, Sue is wearing a neck brace. "Not sure if you heard,William, but my spinal column was ruptured in a sex riot." I can’t even begin to recap the hallucinatory fantasy of the Chicago Democratic Convention riots that she recounts before informing Will that she’s hired Gloria Allred and is going to sue the pants off him. And the vests — "Seriously, you wear more vests than the cast of Blossom, and I’ll see you in court."

Will goes to talk it over with Emma, and they’re just so cute and cuddly, like sweet little forest creatures, and she tells him to stop trying so hard and relax and be himself. Why, she asks, would someone so wonderful want to change who he is?

"Because the boring someone I already am wasn’t good enough for you,"he says, and walks out.

Oh, Will and Emma! Please get it together.

Then Quinn comes up to Finn in the hall and tries to get them back together  — and he says no, because of his feelings for Rachel. And Quinn walks up to Rachel and says, "I said what you wanted me to. He shot me down. So congrats. It looks like he really loves you."

When they’re back in the rehearsal room, Kurt says with heavy irony that hecan’t believe they only did one Britney song, and Mr. Schue firmly says no more Britney, and Rachel sings Paramore‘s "The Only Exception," dedicating it to Finn and crying while she’s singing.

I still say they’re doomed.

There can never be enough Brittany, so I’m not complaining about that. But how do you have a Britney episode without a Kurt number? And after last week being pretty much all about setting up the season, this episode didn’t really get us anywhere. I feel like I’m still waiting for the season to get started. How about you?

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