“Glee” recap (2.02): Brittany Spears Britney


Emma and Mr. Schue are up next. She tells Will he’s too uptight and needs to relax, which he says is funny coming from a woman who buys hand sanitizer by the gallon.

It turns out Emma has a new boyfriend, Carl, a dentist, played by John Stamos. And he’s helping her break free of her OCD. Why, just the other night she ate red and green grapes mixed together in a bowl.

And speak of the devil, Carl walks in just then to take Emma to lunch, then he kisses her, then he asks Will if he grinds his teeth. His pager goes off with an emergency teenager root canal, and Emma mentions Carl has been trying to get the school board to let him talk to the kids about dental hygiene. Will invites him to talk to the Glee Club.

Carl also says Will is cute. I’m not sure where we’re going with that.

The football goon squad comes to beat up Finn now that he’s not one of them, and just as he’s about to get himself pulverized, Artie rolls in and gets between Finn and his assailants. Turns out they won’t hit a guy in a wheelchair. "The only thing saving you right now is my moral code," goon number one sputters at Finn. "But I’ll be back."

Coach Beiste overhears this exchange and seems moved or curious or something.

Now we’re at the Glee Club’s dental hygiene class, where Carl has them chew a capsule that will show where there is plaque buildup on their teeth by turning blue. Turns out Rachel, Brittany and Artie don’t know how to brush even though Rachel insists she flosses after every class, unlike Brittany who rinses after every meal with soda because she’s sure Dr. Pepper is a dentist.

Then Carl says Will’s cute again. This is just getting weirder.

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