“Glee” Episode 313 Recap: Love Shack, Baby


Anyway, the party gets started, and it appears Teen Jesus has resolved his moral crisis in favor of Team Gay, because they show up to sing a mash-up of the old Association song “Cherish” with Madonna’s “Cherish,” with love from Santana to Brittany.

The two of them nuzzle each other, and hug, all during the song. And then they get up and start dancing, sharing the floor with Mike and Tina, as Quinn leads the God Squad through the song. “You don’t know how many times I wish that I had told you…” such perfect Brittana lyrics.

And then Brittany and Santana, dancing in each other’s arms, kiss long and sweet and slow, mouths open, looking so beautiful and so in love that no matter how angry I’ve been over this show’s endless double standard, I instantly turned back into a 16-year-old girl and melted into a puddle of love.

So, was it enough to have Rachel’s gay dads, our two “teen lesbians,” sad panda Kurt and tormented Dave Karofsky respresent for the queers in this episode? It was not, because guess who walks in the door of Breadstix next?

Blaine. Wearing a heart-shaped red velvet eye patch that the tears off to sing a song dedicated to all the lovers in the room. And as Brittany, Rachel, Mercedes, and some of the others join him on the stage, he launches into the B-52′s “Love Shack.”

Then he dances off the stage and lures Kurt into singing with him, arms draped over each other’s shoulders and hips pumping while they sing into their matching red sequined mics.

And that’s our very Happy, very Queer, Valentine’s Day episode of Glee.

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