“Glee” Episode 310 Recap: We Found Love in a Swimming Pool

At Breadstix, Finn is having a pity party, and Kurt wants in.

Rachel’s there, too, and she and Kurt lament that they won’t be getting into NYADA.

“I have as much chance of that as of playing Stanley in Streetcar,” he says despondently.

Rachel’s equally pessimistic, because Principal Figgins put a note about her suspension for election fraud on her application.

Kurt waves down the waitress. “I’m getting a whole cheesecake.”


We also get a little exposition about NYADA: Seems letters have been going out, notifying finalists, and neither Kurt nor Rachel has received one.

“The future used to be such an abstract idea,” Kurt says. “The dream was enough, you know. And now the future has the nerve to show up, and it’s expecting us to do something, and it’s not interested in giving a lending hand.” He frowns. “Make that two cheesecakes.”

Then Finn starts talking about how he never has anything special in his life, that means anything. And he says this right to Rachel. And instead of stalking off, she gets all soft and sad and sings “Without You” to him.

I can’t stand the idea that anyone is not complete without someone else. I think we should have hopes and dreams unrelated to pairing up with anyone. And how much more true is that for Rachel, who really is a star? I just felt the interaction during this song was not healthy for them, and it didn’t feel sweet or romantic to me for that reason.

There was something else that disturbed me. Santana and Brittany are holding hands while Rachel sings, which is sweet.

And at one point, Blaine leans over to give a kiss to Kurt, although it’s off-camera. And that’s sweet, too.

Except when the song’s over, Rachel and Finn suck each other’s tonsils out of their mouths. And once again, the double standard for affection between the same-sex and opposite sex couples on the show slaps me in the face.

It’s not about what couples you like; it’s about parity and visibility. And I’d like some, please.

Also: Rachel really can sing, can’t she?

Santana even agrees, saying she nailed the song and the assignment – “Oh, wait. Was the assignment to make it all about Rachel Berry?”

Will says he still has to think about which of the songs the students did that week are right for Emma’s proposal, but it’s clear he’s having second thoughts. Sam comes up to him outside the classroom, though, and says he has a plan.

And a grand plan it is. Will leads Emma down the hall, and everyone they pass hands her a white rose – even Sue. Then they go to the pool, where the synchronized swimming team and the Glee Club do a great big old-fashioned number to Rihanna’s “We Found Love.” Rachel and Santana, who look achingly beautiful in old-fashioned swim suits with white flowers in their hair, sing lead, and everyone performs in the pool.

Toward the end, Will walks across the water in a white tux, only to dive in and swim to Emma. He makes a beautiful speech, shows her the ring he bought, and asks her to be his wife. She says yes, and the Glee kids applaud and hug while watching from the pool.

Okay, maybe I’m a little bit romantic after all.

Later, Artie mans up and tells Becky he isn’t interested in dating her. She acts like it’s no big deal, but as she walks off, Helen Mirren’s voice returns, and says, “I didn’t ask him what I wanted to ask him. I didn’t ask if the reason he didn’t want to be my boyfriend was because I have Down’s. I didn’t ask him because I know the answer is yes. Some days it sucks being me. This is one of those days. Focus, Becky. Don’t let them see you cry.”

She goes to Sue, who is wonderful. She tells Becky they both were dumped that week, digs out the ice cream, and turns on the Lifetime movie channel. The two of them sit there holding hands, and Sue tells her, “We’ll get through this together.”

I wish that had been the end, but unfortunately, we get Finn asking Rachel to marry him. He even bought a ring.

Rachel doesn’t answer, and we’re left with a cliffhanger and no Glee for two weeks. If the powers behind the show want to know what the fans think, it’s worth pointing out that a post saying #SayNoRachel had 189,663,266 likes and re-blogs on Tumblr before the show even aired in California.

See you in two weeks – and sorry I didn’t get the #kurtrules and #gaysharks Tweets this week. It’s 3 AM. So much for vows.

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