“Glee” Episode 310 Recap: We Found Love in a Swimming Pool


Some time later, Finn goes into a classroom and finds his parents, Will, and Emma there. This is yet another disturbing scene.

Will has violated Finn’s confidence and told his parents he wants to join the army and emulate his father. So Burt and Carol break the news to Finn that his father wasn’t an army hero; he came home from Iraq with a drug problem and died of an overdose.

The whole thing just seemed off to me. Why would they tell him this? Did Will know? How? Couldn’t they have discouraged Finn from joining the army some other way? And what was up with Burt saying he was counting on Finn to run the tire shop while he was in Washington? That seems like an awfully big burden to put on a teenager.

Of course, Finn is devastated. And I did feel sympathy for him, but I also wondered if, when he was upset that Will had violated his confidence, he thought for two seconds about what he’d put Santana through when he outed her.

Out in the hallway, Becky tells Artie she wants to have sex with him, and texts him a suggestive photo of herself. He goes to Sue for advice, and she’s blunt.

“You dated Brittany,” she says. “I’m sure she sent you titillating photos. That freak you out too?”

Artie objects that was different, but Sue presses him to admit he doesn’t want to date Becky. “Here’s an idea,” she says. “Why don’t you treat her like a real person, and tell her? Becky just wants to be treated like everybody else. You of all people should know that. So why don’t you just tell her the truth so she can move on and date someone who doesn’t sound like one of the those weird puppets they bring to the middle schools to teach the kids about sexual predators.”

She also tells him to lose the gloves: “It’s a wheelchair, not a Porsche.”

“Is that all, coach?” he asks.

“Stop buttoning your shirts up all the way like a demented 90-year-old. You look like you’re auditioning for the lead in your nursing-home production of Awakenings,” she says.

At Will and Emma’s apartment, Emma finally asks Will why he hasn’t asked her to marry him, and he raises all the same issues her racist nasty parents raised, about how life is messy and kids are messy and she hates mess. And how she may be too sick for them to be together.

And Emma cries and defends herself, but then she lifts her chin and says, “Can I promise you I’m going to get better? No. This is what you get. This incomplete person with toothbrushes and with rubber gloves, and with so much love for you.”

Will, I hate you so much right now.

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