“Glee” Episode 308 Recap: Growing Up Glee


Backstage, Mr. Chang tells Mike he’s proud of him, and he should follow his dream – go to the best dance schools. Mike says he’s missed the deadline, but it turns out Tina forged his signature and sent in the applications for him. Which is kind of sweet. And they all lived happily ever after!


Oh, yeah, judging. Obviously, the Unitards come in third, with a little gratuitous snark from Harmony, who tells us she’s only a sophomore. The Troubletones are robbed because obviously, New Directions had to win, and they do.

A little while later, Rachel comes into an office area of the school, and sees Quinn. “Well, my suspension is officially over,” she says. “It’ll still be on my transcript, though. I’m just hoping that the admissions department at NYADA see it as a sign of my artistic, rebellious attitude.”

“Good luck with that.” Quinn stands up, faces Rachel, and smoothes her hands down her white lace dress.

“Are you going to go tell Figgins about Shelby? Because I still think it’s a really terrible idea.”

“I came here to talk to you, actually.” And a thousand Faberry shippers faint dead away. “To tell you I’m not going to tell.”


“Because I love Beth, and I don’t want to ruin her life.” You listened to Rachel! I love that you didn’t listen to Sam or Puck or any other guy; you listened to another girl!

Quinn goes on. “I wanted to thank you, actually.”

“For what?”

“For keeping me from doing something stupid. Something I would have regretted my entire life.”

Music… shy flirty looks, head tilts. “We’re kind of friends, huh?”

More flirty looks. “Kind of.”

And Quinn, who never thought she’d get out of Lima, is now thinking about Yale — although, much as I hate to feed into this concept, that really is a rich kid’s problem.

Then Quinn heads to the rest room, where the Troubletones are attributing their loss to Trouty Mouth’s moves while touching up their makeup – except for Santana, who is touching up Brittany’s. Sigh.

Quinn is trying to convince the girls to come join New Directions again, and invites them to a group number in the auditorium.

This whole episode has been themed around growing up: Growing up too fast, not growing up when you need to, not enjoying your youth when you should be doing that. Quinn seems to have gotten it at last, saying their lives are going to be changing – be still my heart at the look Santana and Brittany share at that one – but that even when they’re 87 years old, they should look back on this last year and remember it was special. And then Brittany and Santana hold hands and the Brittana fandom passes out.

The New Directions kids are singing “We Are Young” in the auditorium, and Mercedes, Santana, Brittany, and Sugar walk in and join them. And it’s a big tuneful love-fest in the best, sweetest Glee tradition. Quinn dances with Mercedes, and Rachel leads Santana into the crowd by the hand, where Finn welcomes her with a hug. Then Rachel holds hands with Mercedes while they sing the rest of the song, and then everyone gets into a group hug.

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