“Glee” Episode 308 Recap: Growing Up Glee

Back in the hallway, Sam spots Mercedes, and tells her he’s planning to get her away from her new boyfriend and resume their summer affair. She tells him no, but although Sam can’t see it, she’s smiling as she walks away.

Now, in the next scene Tina goes to see Mike’s father at his office. I really, really wanted to enjoy this scene because we’ve had so little Tina this season so far, but I thought it was pretty predictable. Being a dancer is who Mike is; even though the life of a performer is tough if it’s your calling, you have to do it. And then a little grace note about “honor” at the end. Sweet, but I would have liked more than Tina being endlessly understanding and caring. Like her own storyline.

In the choir room, the two teams are getting ready to face off at Sectionals. Gratuitous exposition: They’re being held in the McKinley auditorium for the first time in a bazillion years.

Mike is fighting with Tina, angry that she went to talk to his father. But Tina stands up to him.

The Troubletones come in and let the New Directions kids know that if they win, they’re all welcome to join the group to continue with the competition.

“That’s incredibly rude, Santana,” Finn says.

“Rude? I’m being nice,” she tells him. “Rude would be if I followed you around all the time and every time you tried to say something, I played a note on a tuba.” Oh Santana, never change.

Out in the audience, Finn pulls Rachel up to sit with New Directions and watch the first performance, by “The Unitards,” headed up by the Gerber Baby (aka Harmony, played by the Glee Project‘s Lindsay Pearce) – Rachel’s arch-rival from the NYADA mixer. She sings ” Buenos Aires” from “Evita,” and I’m underwhelmed.

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