“Glee” Episode 306 Recap: World War Glee


Next is another Puck and Shelby scene, and I’m exercising recapper’s
privilege and just saying that Puck tells Shelby about Quinn’s plot and he
wants to be part of Beth’s life. Moving on.

Or not. The New Directions do their Hall and Oates mash-up,
and it’s just awful. Second only to “Afternoon Delight.” And the hair
and costumes and fake mustaches. The Troubletones are going to crush them.

Next up, the senior class presidential debate at McKinley. First
is Mullet Guy. Where the hell did he
come from? His platform was, we don’t
like teachers so shut up.

on the other hand, vows, “I will make tornadoes illegal at McKinley High and
end their violent rampages. Also, on Tuesdays, I pledge to go topless.”
And the crowd goes wild.

Kurt’s speech is a model speech. It’s about bullying, and
refusing to be bullied or allow anyone to be bullied. He vows to ban dodgeball
in the school – as it has been, actually, at high schools all over the country
for the very reasons he lays out here. He calls it a form of “modern day

However awesome Kurt is, and however adorably supportive
Blaine is (why can I not come up with words other than “adorable”
when I write about Blaine?), you know, this is kind of old ground.

Rachel, however, is deeply moved by it. So much so that she
withdraws from the race and throws her vote to Kurt. While she’s doing that,
the jocks mock her, and for once Will and Figgins actually react and tell them
to knock it off, forcefully.

Afterward, Kurt comes up to Rachel at her locker.
“Why’d you do it?”

“I should have withdrawn from the race when I got the
lead in the musical. You need the resume boost to get into NYADA. You’re
already…” she takes a deep breath… “so spectacular, but being senior
class president will just put you over the top.”

He looks at her for a minute. “Only Rachel Berry could
perk up an old, boring high school debate with such a riveting twist.”

“I’m a drama queen. I know,” she says. “But I
just… I hated you hating me.”

“Me too,” he says, happy and relieved.
“Scowling gives you lines, and I’m way
too young for Botox.”

She laughs. “I guess I was just focusing on my dream of
going to New York
and getting into NYADA, but then I realized that part of that dream is going
there with you. So now I’m all about helping you win. Consider me your campaign

They stare at each other emotionally, and then she says,
“I’m going to hug you now, okay?”

Awwww. BFFs again.

Scary!Quinn drops by Shelby’s
apartment with a present for Beth, and she and Shelby have a confrontation over
the plot to get Beth back. Shelby
tells Quinn she’s not welcome in Beth’s life anymore. I am afraid that if Glee is serious about this storyline,
which I just can’t tell at this point, Quinn’s going to kidnap Beth. Not
enjoying this.

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