“Glee” Episode 306 Recap: World War Glee

Rory has what I assume is a platonic crush on Finn and tells
him that when “that girl with the lips” said he looked like a whale,
he wanted to tell her that Finn looked “fine.” Scorching defense,

Finn tells him it’s just “trash talk,” a term the
Irish exchange student doesn’t know. Finn says it’s something athletes do to
undermine the confidence of members of opposing teams. Or in Finn speak,
“When one player insults another to try and get them off their game.”
That, he says, is what Santana is doing, “trying to get inside our heads
so we remain losers. Well, it’s time to start getting inside of hers.”

Just then, Brittany and Santana walk by. “Hey, there,
Orca,” Santana says cheerfully.

“Hey, Santana,” Finn calls after her. “You
look like an ass-less J-Lo.”

“You’re skinny like all the crops failed on your
family’s farm,” Rory says.

Santana and Brittany laugh. “That is the lamest thing I
didn’t understand a word of,” Santana says.

“Not one word,” Brittany agrees.

“Is that really all you can come up with?” Santana
asks. “You seriously think you can out-insult me? I’m from Lima Heights.
I was raised on insults. It’s how mi abuela put me to sleep at night. And she
is not a nice lady; you know, she tried to sell me once. And it wasn’t until I
got to kindergarten that I learned my name wasn’t ‘Garbage Face.’”

Since an insult-off is apparently off the table, Finn says
they’ll have to settle it another way: dodgeball. Troubletones vs. New


Then there’s a beautiful scene with Shelby and Rachel.
Rachel’s written a letter of recommendation to NYADA for herself, and wants Shelby to sign it. Shelby does, but then
calls after Rachel, “I’m so proud of you. You are truly a star,

Rachel invites Shelby to her
Broadway debut, and then says maybe Shelby
could write her own version of the letter.

Shelby is
looking at Rachel’s CV, and mentions that kids without all these activities and
accomplishments won’t have a chance to get in. Rachel looks really upset, and I
wonder: Is she thinking about Kurt?

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