“Glee” Episode 306 Recap: World War Glee

In the choir room, Will is soliciting ideas for the New
Directions mash-up. And Kurt is wearing, I don’t know, the most hideous thing.
Did having sex destroy his fashion scene? Please re-virginate Porcelain if so.

Anyway, after adorably helping Kurt down from the back row, Blaine adorably suggests
the Police – remember him saying he
knew Kurt wanted to “do it in a field of lilacs with Sting playing” last week? – Artie wants the Clash,
Kurt wants the Spice Girls, Mike wants REM, someone off-camera wants the Jonas Brothers, and Finn suggests Hall and Oates.

Having seen what the Troubletones are going to bring in the
mash-off, I know this will not end well for New Directions.

Finn also wants to give the solo to “the new guy,”
and for a minute Blaine
clearly thinks he means him. But it’s Rory,
who demurs. Blaine
recovers instantly and encourages him to do it, and gives Finn a big grin,
saying he’s glad Finn suggested it.

Oh, Blaine.
You are too classy to live. Although I guess having had the lead in the school
play, it’s hard to see you as “the new guy.” Still, I really can’t
understand Finn’s hostility to Blaine.
Is it because he’s dating Kurt? Threatens Finn’s role in New Directions? No me

Meanwhile, Scary!Quinn is grilling Puck on why Child
Protective Services hasn’t arrested Shelby yet, and tells him to be super-nice
to Shelby so they can babysit more. She also vows to get closer to Shelby, because that
means getting closer to Beth. So she goes to ask if she can join the
Troubletones, but Shelby
says she has to think about it. The look in Quinn’s eyes scares me.

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