“Glee” Episode 306 Recap: World War Glee


The two rival choirs show up in the auditorium, neither
knowing the other would be there. They suspect Shelby and Will want them to reunite for
Sectionals, but Santana says it’s not going to happen and the New Directions
should just shuffle off their stage.


“You guys, we can compete without being enemies,” Finn says. “We can compete without
getting vicious.”

“Oh, I think we do, Soft-Serve” Santana says.
“See, the Troubletones are 3-F: Fierce, femme, phenomenal.” She turns
to the others. “You guys, hurry, go get some moist towels.”

Sugar starts to go, but Brittany stops her.
Santana finishes with, “We have to keep Finn wet before we roll him back
into the sea.”

Rachel’s had enough of seeing her man put down. “You
know what, Santana? Finn is in great shape. And your meanness only highlights
your own personal insecurities.”

“You know what, Rachel?” Santana replies.
“Your mustache is thicker than a Middle Eastern dictator’s.”

Suddenly, Shelby
and Will enter from opposite sides of the stage and sing a medley of Lady Gaga‘s “You And I” and Eddie Rabbit and Crystal Gayle‘s song of the same name. Too light for me. But it
leads into Shelby and Will announcing McKinley High’s First Annual Mash-Off
between the two choirs. And everyone is all, “Yay!”

Later, Puck strolls up to Shelby after math class and hits on her. Just
before that happens, we see Santana and Brittany skipping out of class
together. I try to focus on that while I listen to Puck telling Shelby they should be
together because they’re both hot and because of Beth. Shelby insists it’s just a crush, but Puck
says he wants them to be a family, celebrate Hanukah together, and get an RV
and go to Coachella.

Can you see Shelby
at Coachella?

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