“Glee” Episode 306 Recap: World War Glee


Later that night, Will and Emma are watching Sue’s latest campaign ad, in which she tells
voters that Burt Hummel has a baboon
heart. Her heart, however, is human. Also, her ad is paid for by Angry White
Voters for Sue Sylvester.

Will is furious. Emma tells him that, just like they tell
their students, if you win dirty you didn’t really win. Tell that to the people
of Ohio when
Sue Sylvester’s in Congress, Emma.

In the next scene, Kurt
slams into Sue’s office to tell her what he thinks about the ads attacking his
father. Before I get into that, thought, let me say that normally I am the
world’s biggest fan of Kurt’s wardrobe. He has never really gone wrong for me.
But this week, he crosses a couple of lines that should never be crossed. Ever.
And this outfit is one of them. I can’t even describe it.

Anyway, she tells him, “It’s not personal, Porcelain,
it’s politics,” and points out that her campaign is working while Kurt’s
own squeaky-clean run for senior class president isn’t. We see a little clip of
handing out balloons saying, “A vote for Brittany is a vote for root beer water
fountains and robot teachers.” Then she adds the coup de grace: Her opponent, Rachel Berry, is still on MySpace.

making promises she can’t deliver on,” Kurt says to Sue, outraged
“It’s lying. And no-one’s even on MySpace. Not even Rachel.”

“Have a seat, Yasser,” she says, and proceeds to
give him some campaign advice and educate him on how the world works.

“You know why I fight dirty? Because I’m fighting for something,” she tells him.
“I have a cause. I hate the arts… and a bunch of other stuff. You want to
win? Find yourself a cause, my friend, and then start flinging poo. Winning is
really about poo-flinging.”

Kurt’s not buying. “I refuse to believe that. I agree
that perhaps I need a better cause. But I can win this thing without having to
fling a single stinky nugget.” And he storms out. Kurt rules.

Shelby and Will are talking in the teacher’s lounge. Will is
taking the blame for Mercedes, Brittany and Santana leaving New Directions – as he should. It turns out, in a
major suspension of the 12-member rule that dominated so much of the plot as
recently as earlier this season, both clubs will be going to sectionals.

Will and Shelby decide that since the two of them can get
along, so should their kids. They decide to hold a “mash-off”

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