“Glee” Episode 306 Recap: World War Glee


But it’s not over. The minute the last note dies away,
Santana is down off the stage.

Finn has just murmured something to Rachel, and Santana, voice shaking, demands
to know what he said to her.

“I said I thought you were great.”

She’s almost in tears, but furious at the same time.
“No, you’re lying.” And I remember her telling Brittany that it was
what people would say about her behind her back that scared her the most about
coming out.

Rachel insists that’s what Finn said.

“Did you tell her, too?” Santana says.

Will stands up. “Santana…”

She ignores him, focusing on Finn. “Everyone’s going to
know now. Because of you.”

“The whole school already knows,” Finn says, as we
cut to Kurt’s face, watching. “And you know what? They don’t care.”

“Not just the school, idiot,” she bursts out.

“What are you talking about?” Finn says, as
Santana hauls off and slaps him, hard.

We see everyone looking shocked, including Santana, and then
it’s over. Until two weeks from now.

Holy crap. Those last ten minutes redeemed the unevenness of
the rest of the hour. And Naya Rivera? All the awards, baby. Just wrap them up
and ship them out. She earned them.

And now for my favorites Tweets from #gaysharks!

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